Using Personal Genome Service: Advantages and Pros & Cons

There are many benefits or advantages that you will get when you decide to use personal genome service. This kind of service is going to give you the exact information about who you are, genetically. The service is going to give you a chance to learn about your DNA in particular. Why is this important after all? Well, it is because basically every human being is unique and different. They have their own talent, personality, health conditions, and so on. Every aspect is determined by the DNA in their body.

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DNA is the deoxyribonucleic acid for short. It is a sort of self-replicating material found in all creatures, including human being. It is basically the main constituent of chromosomes. It has the function as the carrier of genetic information of the creature. Through DNA test or genome test, we will find out everything about us including our ancestry, health record, even the prediction for the future.

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How to get a DNA test? Well, it is where personal genome service is needed. This kind of service is going to provide the examination of your DNA. All you need to do is calling them to your place or coming to their clinic and give samples of your body. It can be blood, saliva, and so on. They will then analyze your DNA through the sample and in the end find out the genetic record of you. If you want to find out more about the service and all about DNA test, below is more information for you.

1. The Advantages of Using Personal Genome Service

There are quite a lot of benefits that you can get from this kind of service. Learning about DNA is basically a good thing. The advantages that you can get can be seen from health and social perspective as well.

· Health Advantages

Most of the advantages of getting DNA test is indeed revolves around the medical arena. Basically, DNA test can provide the exact information of someone’s health condition just based on the genetic basis. There will be no poorly understood diseases or severe diseases that will shock us once we get a DNA test. Say for example, you feel well all the time but suddenly you are diagnosed by diabetes or something in a medical checkup. After the DNA of yours is learnt, the result says that there is indeed diabetes in your gene. It comes from your great grandfather, say for example. Surely this is shocking. However, if you had taken the DNA test before, you will find out earlier. DNA test will also prevent you from getting too much test by the doctor. Once you find the exact information about your DNA, you do not need to get more medical checkups or even screenings. You will be able to choose the right type of drug for your body, getting the right reproductive decisions, doing diet plan according to your metabolism system, and so on. It is all because you know exactly the condition of your body from the DNA test.


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Beside of that, genetic testing can bring the advantages of giving you the prediction of your health in the future. It will be very useful as well for couple who want to have children in the future. The man and woman can be tested separately to see the possibility of gene mutation of the future baby. The DNA test can also predict the health condition of the baby as well. Say for example, the mother has asthma and the father is lactose intolerant. Then, the DNA test can calculate the percentage of their future children have both asthma and lactose problem. The DNA test can calculate the possibility of the health condition of their children usually through the blood of the mother and the saliva of the father.

· Social Advantages

The social advantages of taking DNA test is basically finding the ancestors and finding the personal identity of someone. Say for example, you want to know where your ancestor comes from so that in the future you can socially connect to them easier. It can be done with the help of the DNA test. The DNA test is going to analyze where your family comes from. Maybe in the DNA test you will find that you have Irish descendant in your blood or something. It will make you relate easier with the Irish people. Basically, the personal genome service is going to reveal who you really are according to your DNA. see link urgent care near me.

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It will also help a lot when someone is looking for their biological family. Say for example, a man is adopted since he was a baby. Now adult, he wants to know his real parents and family. However, his current family who adopted him is not quite sure about the identity of his real family. The only way to solve this problem is by using DNA test. The DNA of the man can be matched with the DNA of the potential real parents. If both their DNA matches to each other, it is pretty much that they are blood related.

2. The Pros and Cons of Using Personal Genome Service

There are several pros and cons that have been with personal genome service. Let us begin with the pros first.

· The Pros

There are many good things that we can take from DNA test such as correct personal information. With the right information about someone and also the undeniable proof that someone is related to someone else, it can be used to determine things like child support. Child support is sometimes tricky because one side of the parents can simply say “he is not my child”. However, with DNA test things like this is quite impossible. If the DNA test says that this child is yours or you are the father of this child, it is unlikely for people to deny it.

· The Cons

One of the biggest cons about DNA test is the fact that this kind of method may violent someone’s privacy. However, with all the good things that personal genome service with its DNA test can do, it is not a wise thing to actually knock DNA test. 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