Replacing and Refilling Printer Ink Cartridges

Typing and printing are two activities people always do in daily life. This is undeniable. As you can see people are getting busy everyday. Children go to school. They come home to work on homework. The teachers ask the homework should be typed well. Or, they are busy making papers. This is happened to college students trying to catch up the deadline of the assignments. And, the businessman cannot leave a day without printing a piece of paper. People need more papers and something to represent their pens, ink.

Refill Printer Ink Cartridges

Now houses are equipped with printer, as it can ease people to print anything just by stepping toward their work station. But have you ever been in a condition when you were in a rush but your printer was running out of ink? Don’t panic. Here, I’m going to share the information about how to replace the printer ink cartridges. Well, it may cost money as we have to change the whole cartridges by buying the new ones. That is true. There is another alternative way though, that is refilling it by yourself.

Replacing Printer Ink Cartridges

This is more practical. We just need to buy new cartridges and replace the old ones with the new ones. Here are the steps:

1. Printer must be on. Press the power button to turn it on.

2. Open the printer cover. Before that, lower the output tray first.

3. Press the ink button. As the effect of this action, the print head will move automatically to the cartridges position. NOTES:

•Do not press the ink button more than three seconds, or the printer will start to clean the print head.
•Do not use fingers to move the print head to the cartridges position as it can damage the printer.

4. Open up the cartridges cover and pinch the side of the cartridges that you want to replace to help you lifting it out. NOTES:

•Always be careful when removing the cartridges. If your skin has direct contact with the ink, rinse it thoroughly with water and soap. If the ink comes to your eyes, flush them with water. If irritation occurred, contact the doctor immediately.

5. Release the new ink cartridges from the protective bag then place them in cartridges holder vertically. NOTES:

•Before opening the package, shake the ink cartridges four or five times for best result.
•To prevent leakage, do not shake the ink cartridges after releasing from protective bag and do not remove the labels too.
•Protect the ink from dust and dirt once it’s removed from the ink cartridges.
•Store the ink cartridges with the label position displayed on the top. Otherwise, it can spill and be contaminated.
•Install the new ink cartridges promptly once the old ones are removed. Otherwise, the print head will dry and the printer will be unable to print properly.

6. After you finish replacing, close the cartridges and printer cover.

7. Press the ink button again to activate the print head. It will take one minute for the ink charging process. After it’s complete, printer head will be return to home position.

When you decide to buy the new cartridges, make sure you buy the genuine ones. Other low quality products can damage your printer and usually do not have any warranties. The cost for the new cartridges is about 10 to 15 US$ depends on the brand of the printer itself.

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Refilling Printer Ink Cartridges

If you want to retrench the cost, you can do another way. You don’t need to replace the whole cartridges with the new ones, but you can just refilling them. You can choose either you want to refill them at store or you want to do it by yourself. The cheapest alternative way is refilling them yourself, of course.

•Things you need:
1. Printer ink
2. Four Syringes (the smaller the needle the better).
3. Your cartridges
4. Tissue or waste clothes
5. Hand gloves
6. Scotch tape

•The steps:
1. Use the hand gloves as refilling will be messy.
2. Remove the cartridges from printer.
3. Find the black spot on the top cover of the cartridge. The black spot is covered by the sticker. Peel of the sticker to find a hole, or you can just pierce the sticker with the syringe needle to locate the hole.
4. Prepare you syringe and suck the ink from the ink bottle into the syringe. Do it slowly.
5. Inject the ink through the hole using the syringe.
6. Cover the hole with scotch tape.
7. Print colorful picture immediately to let the ink flow.


•Make sure no air bubbles when you do injecting. Air bubbles can block the ink cartridge and cause the ink comes out from it. You can draw the air by sucking it using the syringe before you do injecting.
•Prepare tissue or other waste clothes as the ink may overflow and cause a mess.
•Refill the ink not in maximum capacity to prevent leakage. For example if your cartridge capacity is 19 ml, refill the ink until it reaches 13 ml only.
•Don’t use the same syringe to inject the four different color of ink (black, yellow, cyan, magenta).

Refilling ink printer with yourself is indeed more economical, yet maybe it will be messy. If you decide to do it by yourself at home, make sure to clear the area since the ink can spread on all over your table. The cost of printer ink is usually half of the ink cartridges price. see more about wireless compact printer scanner.

Problems in Refilling Printer Ink

Even refilling printer ink cannot run successfully. Problems may occur after refilling process or when the process is running. Some problems that might be happened:

1. The ink cartridge is contaminated by different color
The solution for it is clear the cartridge using the water. You can also use a hairdryer to dry it. If you do this every time before refilling, you will get better quality in printing.

2. Loading error always occurred when refilled ink is replaced
The solution is clean the space between cartridge and inside the printer using cotton swab and alcohol. Leave the alcohol dry before installing the cartridge.

Inkjet Cartridge Printer Refilling Ink Bottle Online

Don’t be careless when selecting a replacement ink cartridge as it may result in damage to the printer, always careful to buy cartridges that are compatible with your printer. Below we show the type of printer that is most widely used in the United States.


* Deskjet 720cxi, Deskjet 1000cxi, Designjet 350c, Photosmart P1100xi, LaserJet Pro M401dne, Deskjet 3843, Fax 1240, Deskjet F2280, LP 475, LaserJet 2410, Photosmart Plus, LaserJet Pro M1214nfh, Color LaserJet 8550, Officejet 7410xi, Color Copier 260, LaserJet Pro M475dn, Photosmart 8158, LaserJet 4200dtn, LaserJet 2200dtn, LaserJet M775, Photosmart 245xi, 82905B, LaserJet 5000t, Deskjet 630, Dot Matrix Printer 2564B, Photosmart C4388, Color LaserJet 4600dtn, Color LaserJet 8550gn, Photosmart C6375, Photosmart 7350w, Deskjet 3516, Deskjet 880c, Color LaserJet 5550dtn, Deskjet 1600c, LaserJet 2100xi, LaserJet 5200L, Designjet T2530ps, Color LaserJet CP4025dn, LaserJet 4, Deskjet 3511, Deskjet 672c, Photosmart C4473, Mopier 322, Color LaserJet M552dn, LaserJet 5000dn, LaserJet 3310mfp, Photosmart C4585, Color LaserJet CM6030f, Deskjet F4150, Deskjet D2430, Officejet 600, LaserJet 4200, LaserJet 3050z, Color LaserJet CP4005dn, Officejet 8040, Officejet J6480, LaserJet 1150, Color LaserJet CM4730, Officejet 6110v, Photosmart 2610xi, LaserJet 2300, Officejet Pro 8600, PageWide Pro 452dw, Color LaserJet CM6030, Deskjet 5655, Deskjet 895cse, LaserJet 9050dn, Color Copier 140, Officejet 4634, Photosmart 425v, Officejet Pro 6979, Officejet Pro L7555, Photosmart C4485, PSC 1350v, Deskjet 1220c, Color LaserJet CP3525x, Officejet 4110xi, Officejet Pro 8500A Premium, Photosmart 245, Deskjet 5940xi, ThinkJet, Officejet 580, LaserJet M3035xs, LPQ 1000, LaserJet 1300n, Officejet 6600, Photosmart 7520, Deskjet 600d, LaserJet 6Lsf, LaserJet M4345x, Addmaster IJ6000, LaserJet 4100dtn, Photosmart 7838, LaserJet 5L, LaserJet 9000mfp, Fax 2140, Photosmart 5525, Photosmart CN731S, PSC 1408, Deskjet D2320, Officejet Pro 1175c, Deskjet F4210, LaserJet 1220, Photosmart C4285, Deskjet 6540dt, Designjet T2500, Digital Copier Printer 610, Officejet 6500 Wireless, Deskjet 695cci, Deskjet 695c, Color LaserJet M750dn, Deskjet 2549, Photosmart 2615, LaserJet P4015dn, PSC 2171, Officejet Pro K850dn, 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imageCLASS MF6580, imageRUNNER 3035N, Laser Class 2050, PC8, AP350X, CP120D, imageCLASS MF249 dw, S330, MAXIFY MB5020, imageRUNNER C5185i, BP-36-D, P1-DH III, imageCLASS MF8170C, BP-1225-D, imageRUNNER C6870U, PIXMA MG5721, PIXMA MG6450, CFX-L4000, i865, PIXMA MX410, imagePROGRAF iPF6350, MultiPASS MP390, i-SENSYS MF8380Cdw, imageCLASS D360, imageRUNNER 3320, imageRUNNER 8070, LBP3000, Selphy ES3, PC300, AP8100, P23-DH II, i-SENSYS MF216n, i-SENSYS MF5980dw, imagePROGRAF iPF655, LBP-2260, FC-336, imageCLASS D1150, imageCLASS D480, LBP-840, PIXMA MG6821, FC-310, LaserBase MF6540PL, NP6560, Selphy CP820, BJ-F9000, imageCLASS MF9220Cdn, PIXUS iP4100R, PIXMA MG2920, LBP-320, P1015-D, P2611, imageCLASS MF8180C, AP800, CP1010, Laser Class 3175, LBP3100, P21-DX, P40-D, imageCLASS MF232 w, SmartBase MP200, PIXUS MP500, PIXUS Pro9500, S200SPX, imageRUNNER 3300EN, LBP-2410, PIXMA iP3600, PIXMA MP970, ES33 II, imageRUNNER C4580F, PIXMA MX439, imagePROGRAF iPF6450, MP12DH, MultiPASS L60, PIXMA iP100W, imagePROGRAF iPF600, imageRUNNER 1022, PC2L, imageCLASS D560, MultiPASS C635, imageCLASS LBP6230dn, NP6650 II, PIXMA iX6820, PIXMA MG5220, imagePROGRAF iPF830 MFP M40, P104-D, imagePROGRAF iPF770 MFP M40, MultiPASS C545, SmartBase MP360, S455, CP1213D III, imageRUNNER 3035, imageRUNNER 3225F, Laser Class 710, MP31DH II, PIXMA MG4140, AP300 II, BP-1400-DH, imageCLASS D1120, imageCLASS MF217w, ES3, i-SENSYS LBP7200Cn, MP1210D, P200-DH, PIXMA iP5300, CP1200, i-SENSYS Fax-L160, AP300X, ES13, PC-D320, PIXMA iX6520, PIXMA MG5350, Fax-L1000, imageRUNNER C3170Ci, BJC-4000, PIXMA MP190, P14-D, S630N, PIXMA MG5550, PIXMA MG6420, imageRUNNER 8500, imageRUNNER C2380, P200-DH II, imageRUNNER C3170F, SmartBase PC-1270D, imageCLASS 6560, imagePROGRAF iPF6400, PIXMA MG3052, imageRUNNER C1022, P1252-D, LBP-2810, Selphy ES30, BJC-4300, i-SENSYS MF4350d, imageRUNNER C5800, MAXIFY MB2020, imageRUNNER 2018, PIXUS 990i, imageCLASS MF229dw, i880, PC6RE, SmartBase PC-1230D, i320, Satera MF7330, PC2, Fax-JX510P, Selphy CP910, MP120DLE, imagePROGRAF iPF500, imagePROGRAF iPF785 M40, PC80, imagePROGRAF W8400D, imageRUNNER C2570C, LBP-WX, PIXMA iP4920, CP1208, imageRUNNER C2880F, CP1210, LBP-870, PC70, AP8300, imageRUNNER 3045N, Satera LBP7200C, Laser Class L300, LBP3300, Selphy CP740, PIXMA MG5150, PIXMA mini320, ES43, BJC-2110, imageCLASS 4000e, Satera MF229dw, MultiPASS C3500, PIXUS MX860, imageCLASS MF6560, CP1003D, CP1018D, imageCLASS MF6580Cx, NP7130F, Faxphone L90, PIXMA MX320, imagePROGRAF iPF8000, LBP-860, imageCLASS MF419dw, CFX-B380 IF, imageCLASS MF6530, PIXMA MG6620, LBP6200d, PIXMA iP2850, PC880, PIXMA MP540, i550, imageRUNNER 1530, P102-D II, imageCLASS MF628Cw, P170-DH, PIXMA MG4220, DP1211D, MP31DH, imageCLASS MF9150C, NP6085, imageCLASS LBP-151dw, imagePROGRAF iPF6200, P26-DH, PC920, PIXMA MG7120, X Series, i-SENSYS MF217w, BP-10-D, Selphy CP750, Fax-L380, LBP-2160, PIXMA MP210, MultiPASS C100, Selphy DS810, Canola SP1260-D, PC420, imageRUNNER C2550F, LBP-1260, S-66, MP23D, PIXMA MG8250, Selphy ES2, i-SENSYS MF4110, MultiPASS F30, imageCLASS MF211, imagePROGRAF iPF820, imageRUNNER 2800i, imagePROGRAF iPF810, PC160, Fax-L260i, imageRUNNER 3250, PIXMA iP6210D, PIXMA MP410, Satera LBP6230, i-SENSYS LBP6000, ColorPASS 200, i-SENSYS MF8030Cn, imagePROGRAF iPF760, imageCLASS MF7470, Satera MF4130, BP-35-D, P10-DH, NP6612, PC735, LBP-2260PS II, AP9417, P24-D, imageCLASS MF4370d, MultiPASS C2500, PDDE, CP1216D, i-SENSYS MF8280Cw, imageCLASS 6580, imageCLASS MF6595, imageRUNNER Advance 4251, MP25DVS, P121-DH, P26-D II, P40-D II-2, PIXMA MG3051, AP200E, PIXMA MG6820, imageCLASS MF9280Cdn, imageRUNNER C3380F, S-58, PIXUS iP90v, PIXUS MP950, PIXUS MP600, imageRUNNER 9070, P1211-D, PIXMA MG2120, BJC-600e, i-SENSYS MF4140, NP7850, BP-5420-D, i-SENSYS LBP5050, i-SENSYS MF4870dn, MP22D, PIXMA iP4500, Laser Class 830i, BJC-3000, imageCLASS MF7480, PIXMA iP3300, PIXMA MP240, AP500 II, BP-1211-D, i-SENSYS MF4120, imageRUNNER C3880F, Laser Class L4000, Fax-L290, QS-100, imageRUNNER 1300, PIXMA MG5420, ES33, i-SENSYS LBP6020, MP49D II, P22-DX, SmartBase MPC190, i-SENSYS MF4890dw, PIXUS iP4200, imageCLASS MF4120, PIXUS 860i, imagePROGRAF iPF510 Plus, imageRUNNER 1024i, PIXMA MX882, PIXMA MX532, Laser Class 830, imagePROGRAF iPF9000s, AP610, PIXMA Pro9000, Color imageCLASS MF810Cdn, CP1211D, P22-DH, S-68, imageRUNNER 1510, imageCLASS LBP6000, i-SENSYS MF8340Cdn, imageCLASS D861, PIXMA MX392, Selphy CP100, BJC-4200, LBP5360, S800, MAXIFY MB5320, PC760, AP160 II, CP1214, imageRUNNER 85+, Fax-JX200, BJC-6500, PC10, PIXMA iP90, NP8070, AP200X, i-SENSYS MF5840dn, P200-DH III, imageCLASS D320, Porelon, imageRUNNER 1270F, PC720, P1010-D, i-SENSYS MF4370dn, NP6150 II, i-SENSYS MF411dw, imageCLASS LBP6200d, LBP-910, P160-DH, P550, imagePROGRAF iPF510, PC921, S-55 I/F, CP1231D, i350, imageCLASS MF5730, CP-220, imageCLASS 7480, imageRUNNER Advance 4051i, SmartBase MPC400, imageRUNNER C3580i, MP142R, imageRUNNER 7095, MP25DV, MultiPASS MP320, PIXMA MP230, PIXMA MP250, P40-D II, imageCLASS MF4880dw, AP510, imageRUNNER 3025Ne, MP25 III, BJC-2000, BJC-400J, BJC-4550, P1218, PIXMA Pro9500 Mark II, i-SENSYS LBP5050n, MP27MG, imageRUNNER 3245, P1441-D, Satera MF226dn, imageRUNNER 7200, MX260, imagePROGRAF iPF650, i9900, PIXMA MX350, Laser Class 2050P, LBP-1120, PIXMA MG2950, Selphy CP600, CLC1130, LBP5300, LBP5400, PIXMA MP260, imagePROGRAF iPF610, Faxphone L75, P41-D II, imagePROGRAF iPF750, MP1D, NP8530, PIXMA mini260, LBP-1750, BJC-150, PIXMA MP235, PIXMA MP450, CP1212, imageCLASS D1320, MultiPASS MP730, S200SP, FC-120, imageRUNNER 1025, S530, MAXIFY MB5120, PC14, imageRUNNER 1023N, imageCLASS LBP6670dn, PIXMA MP430, PIXUS MP460, imageCLASS 6560Cx, MP41DH III GB, Selphy ES20, CP1223D, i-SENSYS LBP5360, CP1216, imageRUNNER 1310, i860, imageRUNNER 3320N, PIXMA MG5250, i455, imageCLASS D660, BJC-6100, PIXUS iP8600, Laser Class 310, P125-D, PC11, imageCLASS MF4350, LBP-1610, PIXMA MP810, Laser Class 810, i-SENSYS MF226dn, PIXMA MP170, Canola P1215-D, P100-DH II, P1205-D, PIXMA MG6150, PIXMA MG5720, AP300, AP850, S530D, PC950, PIXMA MG2520, FP-200, imageCLASS LBP6030w, i-SENSYS MF728Cdw, VP-1000, BP-1200-DH, PIXMA iP2600, i-SENSYS 4140, Satera MF7350n, PIXMA MG6220, PIXUS MP510, imageRUNNER C3380i, imageRUNNER C4580i, LaserBase MF5770, PIXMA MP280, PIXMA MX318, Faxphone L80, MultiPASS C30, QS-310, imagePROGRAF iPF610 Plus, i-SENSYS MF5880dn, PIXMA MP830, imageCLASS D420, i-SENSYS MF4570, imageCLASS MF4100, PIXMA MG3520, i-SENSYS LBP6030, i450D, BJC-450D, CP1233D, imageRUNNER C5180, S400X, P123-D, MultiPASS C560, MP31D II, P1251, Satera MF4010, CP1260D, PIXMA iP4300, PIXMA MX514, BJ-535PD, imageCLASS D761, PIXMA iX6550, i-SENSYS LBP-251dw, i-SENSYS MF416dw, S200, i70, imageCLASS MF5950dw, AP360, PC860, PIXMA MG5450, S630 Network, MP1DH, Laser Class 3170, i-SENSYS MF8040Cn, PR121, imageRUNNER C3480, imageRUNNER 1330, LBP5800, imageRUNNER 6000, MP1411DL, i-SENSYS LBP6000B, imageRUNNER C3480i, PIXMA MP550, CP1250D, imageRUNNER 3245i, LBP-460, P4220-D, PC3, BJC-4200SP, Laser Class 4000, LBP-1910, imageRUNNER 2318, PIXMA iP4850, PIXMA iP5200, P24-D II, PIXMA MX420, NP6230, PIXMA MX360, PIXUS MP900, PIXMA iP1200, Laser Class 5060, AP740, PIXMA MP130, Fax-L2000, i905D, imageCLASS 1100p, PIXMA iP4600, PIXMA MP220, PC3 II, PIXMA MX860, Laser Class 1060P, CP1200D, i-SENSYS MF628Cw, i-SENSYS MF9130, LaserBase MF6550PL, PIXMA Pro9500, i-SENSYS MF4780w, PC1, CP13, imageCLASS MF6160dw, Selphy CP800, P30-D, P4420-D, imageRUNNER 550, i-SENSYS MF8350Cdn, VP-6000, imageRUNNER 400V, PIXMA MX459, MP20DH II, PIXMA MX330, Selphy CP220, i-SENSYS LBP-253x, CP1001, MAXIFY iB4020, PIXMA iP3500, PIXMA iP1500, PIXMA iP4000, GP-200S, imageCLASS MF6560Cx, imageCLASS MF6590, P445, imageCLASS 1100, P1253-D II, ES15, imageCLASS MF244 dw, Fax-L2000ip, imageCLASS MF5630, BP-37-D, imageRUNNER 3300i, FC-228, i-SENSYS LBP-151dw, P70-D, PIXMA MX725, imageCLASS MF4580dn, Fax-L380S, i-SENSYS MF418x, GP-160F, i-SENSYS MF4690PL, LBP-300LDA, Canola P1213-D, S820D, MultiPASS MP370, PC330, PIXMA iP6600D, PIXMA MG6250, PIXMA MX372, S400, i-SENSYS MF729Cx, Satera MF4150, Canola SP1260-P, imageCLASS MF8280Cw, Laser Class 720i, S330D, FC-290, LaserBase MF3240, PIXUS 80i, PIXMA MP990, imageCLASS 7470, AP105, MP21D, GP-220, GP-285, Selphy CP810, imagePROGRAF iPF8100, imageRUNNER 400, LBP-250, PIXMA iP90v, PIXMA iP100WB, i-SENSYS MF8550Cdn, imageRUNNER 5020, PIXMA iP8750, CP1204D, imageCLASS MF4570dw, imageRUNNER C3170U, MultiPASS C3000, i-SENSYS MF4550, Laser Class 510, NP6045, AP350, PIXMA iP7250, Satera LBP-8710e, AP7500, imageCLASS D860, imageCLASS 6580Cx, LaserBase MF3220, PC20, imageRUNNER 2000, P32-D, imageCLASS D1370, BJC-4300BWP, Fax-L140, imageCLASS MF4370dn, CP1212D, imageRUNNER 210E, imageRUNNER 1670, LBP-1260 Plus, SmartBase MPC600F, i-SENSYS LBP6680x, imageCLASS D1180, imageRUNNER 1023iF, PC740, PC795, imageRUNNER C3170i, PC1080F, P29-D, P8-D, P1215-D, imageRUNNER C2880i, PIXMA MG2220, CLC4040, MP21DH, CP1001D, MAXIFY MB5420, PC745, imageRUNNER 2320, imageRUNNER 3045, LBP-62X, AP330, P1-DH, PC11RE, Fax-L200, NP5060, PIXUS MP730, LBP-5200, LBP-950, MAXIFY iB4120, MP1211DLE, BJC-300, MP25D III, imagePROGRAF iPF840 MFP M40, MultiPASS F20, PIXMA MG8120, i-SENSYS Fax-L170, MultiPASS L600, LBP-72X, Fax-JX210P, GP-215, i-SENSYS LBP5975, P21-D IV, imageRUNNER 1024iF, imagePROGRAF iPF8400, imageRUNNER C3100, LBP3210, CP1230D, imagePROGRAF iPF9100, imageRUNNER 6020, imageRUNNER 7086, MP12D, Color imageCLASS MF820Cdn, imagePROGRAF iPF6300s, imageRUNNER 3235, MP1216, FC-204, imageCLASS MF8030Cn, NP6012, imageRUNNER C1030iF, NP7050, PC790, Fax-L220, PIXUS MP370, imagePROGRAF iPF755, i-SENSYS MF4270, PIXMA iP8500, Satera MF4350d, BP-1400-DL, i-SENSYS MF8050Cn, imageRUNNER C4080F, PIXMA iP1300, PIXMA SFP2, P39-D II, Fax-L390, P1410-D, imageCLASS 7460, LBP-850, MP1411D, NP6260, S450, LBP-800, LBP-ZX, MAXIFY MB2120, LBP-1110 SE, P105-D, PIXMA MG3140, imageRUNNER C3080F, PIXMA MG5620, PIXMA MP560, PIXMA iP6700D, PIXMA MX432, Fax-L260, imageRUNNER 1024A, imageRUNNER 2220N, PIXMA SFP1, Faxphone L170, PC6, imageRUNNER 1023, MP24D, SmartBase MP730, LBP-1760e, LBP-2260PS, NP1010, S630, AP500, imageCLASS MF5880dn, LBP-1310, VP-3102, i-SENSYS MF4380dn, AP500S, P33-DH, BJC-2120, imageRUNNER 105+, PIXMA MP150, S9000, PIXMA MP499, PIXMA MX340, AP810 III, i450, CP1008D, Faxphone L190, imagePROGRAF iPF8400s, AP310, imageCLASS 6550, imageCLASS C3500, imageRUNNER 3235i, NP6050, S520, imageRUNNER C3580, LBP-8 IV, i-SENSYS LBP7660Cdn, P1-DH V2, CP2000, PC5, CP1213D, imageRUNNER 5000s, AP155, imageCLASS D1350, MultiPASS C755, P23-DH, PIXMA iP2820, MP1211DE, PIXMA iP4200, imageRUNNER C3080i, imageRUNNER 3235F, PC1060, P42-D, S-66 MX, NP6550, PIXMA MP270, MultiPASS C730, PIXMA MP950, PIXUS MP610, i457D, P32-DH, PIXUS 9100i, CAT, imageCLASS MF5960dn, PIXUS MP170, FC-220, MultiPASS MP750, TX-50 II, imageRUNNER C1225, LBP-1110, i-SENSYS LBP7110Cw, imagePROGRAF iPF685, imagePROGRAF iPF850 MFP M40, P20-D II, i-SENSYS MF4340d, imageCLASS MF5850, imageCLASS MF8330Cdn, imageRUNNER C5870U, imageCLASS MF9170C, imageRUNNER LBP5960, PC5L II, PIXMA PMFP3, AP400, LBP-880, S4500, i-SENSYS MF9280Cdn, CLC5151, i-SENSYS LBP6230dw, i-SENSYS MF9220Cdn, PIXMA MX885, imageCLASS D880, LaserBase MF6560PL, ES23 II, MP21D II, Fax-L3000 IP, Laser Class 6000L, LBP-2300, Fax-L240, Satera MF4550, imageCLASS D760, imageCLASS MF7170i, imageRUNNER 2020i, P1-DH V, AP260, AP390, Canofax L1000, FC-100, P100-DH, Satera MF222dw, PIXMA iP2000, CLC1180, imagePROGRAF iPF765, imagePROGRAF iPF830, imageCLASS LBP6650dn, LaserBase MF6580, MultiPASS MP760, AP9017, GP-335, NP6512, P31-D, PIXMA iP6000D, S-68 S, PC-D450, S600, Selphy CP770, imagePROGRAF iPF810 Pro, NP6012F, NP7130, CFX-LC2050, imageRUNNER 200L, Selphy CP760, imageRUNNER 3530, P61-D, imageCLASS MF726Cdw, LBP-EX, PIXMA MP760, BJC-5100, Laser Class 3175MS, PIXMA MP140, imageCLASS MF4420n, imageRUNNER 2220i, PC325, imageRUNNER 2016, imageRUNNER 4570N, imageRUNNER C2570F, S830D, i9950, MP120DH, BJC-2100, FP-300, imageRUNNER C1028iF, P39-D, imageCLASS MF221, NP6235, Satera MF7140, P32-DH II, PIXMA iP1800, MP31D, P10-D II, BJC-2115, PIXUS iP4100, BJC-600J, PC730, CLBP-400, MultiPASS MP360, PIXMA MG3122, Laser Class 2060P, i9100, PIXMA MP160, NP6028, PIXMA MX712, imagePROGRAF iPF840, FT-3000, P1-DE, PIXMA MX512, Fax-B380 IF, P100, PC770, Fax-L920, i-SENSYS MF6140dn, imageRUNNER 210, imageCLASS MF216n, imageRUNNER 3025, LaserBase MF6580PL, MP20DH, MP121DTS, P1253-D, PIXMA iP4700, Faxphone L100, imageCLASS MF7280, PIXMA MX722, imageCLASS MF5750, imageRUNNER C1021i, BJC-6200, CLC1120, CP1008, imageRUNNER 400S, Fax-L120, imageCLASS 2300, MX350, PIXMA iP1900, imagePROGRAF iPF820 Pro, NP8570, PC550, PC785, PIXMA iP4000R, Satera MF4380dn, imageCLASS MF6540, imageRUNNER 2022i, PIXMA MG5120, PIXMA MP495, AP8500, AP410X, S750, imageRUNNER 600, PIXMA MP110, i-SENSYS LBP-252dw, i-SENSYS MF4580, CLC3200, imageRUNNER 2016i, MP120DL, Selphy CP510, imagePROGRAF iPF785, BJC-4304, PIXUS iP6100D, NP6000, PIXMA MG3120, i-SENSYS 4150, i-SENSYS MF5940dn, i-SENSYS LBP6030B, imageCLASS 4000ed, imageRUNNER 210S, imageRUNNER 3045Ne, LBP-2260N, FT-5000, MultiPASS C400, P3211-D, imagePROGRAF iPF605, Satera MF4420, NP6312, PIXMA MX300, i-SENSYS MF4320d, i6500, AP350 II, QS-200, imageCLASS 2200, i-SENSYS LBP7200C, TX-50 III, BP-47-DH, PIXMA iX5000, PIXUS MP360, PIXMA MP640, imageRUNNER 330N, Fax-L100, i-SENSYS MF212w, PIXMA MP800, CP2010, MAXIFY MB2320, MultiPASS L90, P31, imageCLASS MF5650, imageRUNNER 3230, imageRUNNER C2880, imageRUNNER C5058, AP550, CP1203D, i250, imageRUNNER C6800, LBP5700, P3220-DL, Canola P1421-D, MultiPASS C5000, PC780, AP8000, P1420-D, CP1201, i-SENSYS LBP6650dn, PIXUS 900PD, CP1200D II, imagePROGRAF iPF6400s, PIXMA MG2450, PIXMA MP620, PIXMA iP1700, P36-D II, Satera MF8040Cdw, P420, PIXMA iP4950, P430, imagePROGRAF iPF700, S-66 I/F, P1018-D II, PIXMA iP1600, CP2030, Fax-L360, FC-224S, imageCLASS MF227dw, P1-D, Fax-JX500, i-SENSYS MF6680dn, P3420-DL, imageCLASS MF5550, imageRUNNER C2570Ci, PIXMA iP110, QS-50, imageRUNNER 2800, MP10, FP-400, GP-200D, imageRUNNER 1610F, imageRUNNER 5570, i-SENSYS LBP5970, imageRUNNER 3245F, imagePROGRAF iPF8400SE, LBP3050, NP6080, PC1061, imageCLASS LBP7660Cdn, LBP-430, PIXUS iP2500, CP-330, AP150, Satera LBP6340, Selphy CP720, Satera MF7430, LBP-1810, LBP-660, P1-DTS, PIXUS MP700, Selphy CP710, PIXMA MP180, i-SENSYS MF4150, PIXMA iP7220, PIXMA MP980, PIXUS iP8100, MP1211DL, P3210-D, imageCLASS MF4270, imageRUNNER 3300E, LBP-2200, LBP3250, MultiPASS F60, PIXMA iP3000, i-SENSYS MF8450, NP6250, NP6450, PIXMA MX925, AP700, PIXMA MX472, PC775, imageCLASS MF8380Cw, imageRUNNER C5185, LBP-2360, LBP3150, PIXUS iP6700D, DR-7580, BJ-895PD, PIXMA iP5200R, imageCLASS MF3110, ES25, imageRUNNER C1030, AP800 III, CP1240, imageCLASS D1170, MultiPASS C555, PC980, PIXUS 50i, imagePROGRAF iPF825, Laser Class 3170MS, MAXIFY MB2720, PIXMA iP6220D, imageCLASS MF247 dw, imageCLASS MF414dw, PIXUS MP800, S300, imageRUNNER 1018, AP200X II, P23-DH VG, Satera MF7455n, LBP-465, MP11D, BJC-2130, i-SENSYS LBP6020B, PIXMA MG3220, SmartBase MP700, AP160, P20-DX II, LBP-2460, PC24, CP1220D, LBP-Fileprint, P1421-D, imageRUNNER 3320i, imageCLASS MF8450C, ES23, MP1420, i-SENSYS MF4430, MultiPASS MP780, LaserBase MF5650, NP8580, P62-D, P71-D, Satera MF4570, CP1000, BJC-5500, Canola P1015-D, NP6350, PIXUS iP7100, imageCLASS MF8580Cdw, P3010-D, i560, PIXMA iX4000, PIXMA MG6320, MP27D II, PC981, PIXMA MG7520, imageCLASS MF226dn, PIXMA MP610, Fax-L280, imageCLASS LBP6230dw, PIXUS MP830, PIXMA MG2420, PIXMA MP282, PIXMA MG7720, i-SENSYS MF6180dw, imageRUNNER 1025iF, PC428, PIXMA MX895, AP1000, PC310, imageCLASS MF4550d, MultiPASS C530, Selphy CP1200, imagePROGRAF iPF780 M40, imageCLASS D1550, PIXMA MX715, Selphy CP400, CP-200, EP102, imageRUNNER C2620, imageRUNNER C3200, imageRUNNER C3380, i-SENSYS MF4660PL, PIXMA MP490, Satera MF224dw, LBP-2900, LBP-2900B, CP1202PD, imageCLASS D530, NP6285, PIXMA MP600, P126-D, SmartBase MPC200, AP250, imageRUNNER 5000V, LBP-8N, PIXUS MP810, i-SENSYS MF3010, CFX-L4500 IF, imageRUNNER 2230, P1213-DH, P23-DE, PIXMA MG2555, GP-200E, NP6551, PIXMA MP600R, PC330L, Selphy CP200, imageRUNNER 1210, imageRUNNER 2420, P1411-D, imagePROGRAF iPF605L Plus, PIXUS iP3300, P20-DH, AP110, imageCLASS LBP7200Cdn, P106-D, Satera MF4410, CP1013D, imageCLASS MF8050Cn, P41-D, MX360, PIXUS MP790, Selphy CP780, i-SENSYS 4120, imageCLASS MF236 n, imagePROGRAF iPF670, MP49D, imagePROGRAF iPF780, S100, imagePROGRAF iPF8300s, PC530, LBP-2040, P29-D II, PIXUS iX5000, i-SENSYS LBP6300dn, i80, NP6251, P1011-D, P20-D, imagePROGRAF iPF8000s, imageRUNNER C1022i, imageCLASS MF729Cdw, imageRUNNER 85, LBP-2050, P1212-DH, imageRUNNER 3300, P120-DH, Satera LBP6240, i470, i990, PIXMA MG6120, CP1011D, MP21D III, imageRUNNER Advance 4051, imageCLASS MF4890dw, PIXMA iP6320D, PIXUS iP7500, W6200, AP3510, PC400, AP5015, MP21DV, imageCLASS C2100, PIXMA MP500, i-SENSYS LBP5960, PIXMA iP100, PIXUS 560i, imageCLASS MF4690, Satera MF4330d, i-SENSYS LBP6670dn, PIXUS MP5, AP380, BJC-6200S, PIXMA PMFP1, imageRUNNER 3570, Laser Shot LBP6200d, MP1217, BJC-4650, imagePROGRAF iPF710, P1018-D, PC150, BP-1425-D, BJC-4100, imageCLASS D661, MP27D, PIXMA MX7600, imageCLASS MF6180dw, PIXMA MX922, MultiPASS C5500, Selphy DS700, i900D, LBP-1620, imageRUNNER Advance 4045, P23-DH III, AP110 II, CP1213D II, imageCLASS D780, P1210-D, PIXMA MG3620, PIXMA MP460, imagePROGRAF iPF6400SE, imageRUNNER 1230, P270, QS-300, PC2LX, i850, Satera LBP-8710, BP-37-DH, imageRUNNER 3025N, PIXMA mini220, i-SENSYS LBP7100Cn, i-SENSYS MF4010, CP-100, i-SENSYS MF8230Cn, imageRUNNER C4080i, Selphy CP790, imageCLASS MF4370, imageCLASS MF6595Cx, LBP-1760, PIXMA iP8720, BJC-330, BJC-6000, GP-555, NP5020, CLC1100, Fileprint 300, ES3 II, PIXMA iX6850, imageCLASS 2250, imageCLASS MF8080Cw, imagePROGRAF iPF720, LaserBase MF3110, PR100, CP1230, AP170, imagePROGRAF iPF850, MP25 II, PIXMA MX700, LBP-300N, imageCLASS MF8350Cdn, MX250, Fax-L300, imageRUNNER 2020, imageRUNNER 2830, MX30, PIXMA MX452, imagePROGRAF iPF815, P370, imageCLASS MF4450, imageRUNNER C3580Ne, PIXMA MG3053, CP1013D II, FC-230, imageRUNNER 2010F, i-SENSYS Fax-L150, i-SENSYS MF4730, Laser Class 2060, PC7, i950, AP1500, imageRUNNER C3880, LBP3200, PIXMA MG2140, BP-12-D, imageCLASS MF416dw, MP41DH, PIXMA MX479, CL1000, imageCLASS 2220, imageRUNNER 60, imageRUNNER 7105, PC320, PIXMA MG5522, imageRUNNER 400N, Selphy CP900, MultiPASS C20, AP850 III, imageCLASS MF212w, P12-D, MultiPASS F50, S500, S520X, imageRUNNER 330S, CFX-LC2060, NP6212, PIXMA MP520, i960, imageRUNNER 1570F, LaserBase MF5630, Satera MF7110, P1440-D, PIXUS iP4300, CP-300, imageRUNNER 3030, MP11DX, imageRUNNER C1028i, CL5000, imageRUNNER 1024F, LBP-2710, MultiPASS C50, imageRUNNER 105, MultiPASS L6000, CP1201D, imageRUNNER 2870, Satera MF6570, LBP3360, NP6300, imageCLASS MF722Cdw, BJC-3010, i-SENSYS LBP7200Cdn, i-SENSYS MF4330d, CFX-L3500 IF, PIXMA iP4820, and PIXMA MP480.


1000 ICS, Expression Premium XP-640, Stylus C70, Stylus CX3800, CX7400, WorkForce ET-4500 EcoTank, LQ-580, LQ-500, 352, Stylus Photo 900, WorkForce 435, WorkForce Pro WF-4640DTWF, M182, CTM F-80, ActionPrinter 2500, WorkForce WF-2510WF, 5100SP50, ERC-80, Stylus Color 980N, RP-U420, Stylus C84, Stylus Photo RX620, Stylus C42S, FX-70, M3360, ADS14, Expression Premium XP-830, ActionPrinter 3360, LQ-200, TM-H6000 II, M250, M930, FX-1180, AcuLaser CX11NFCT, DFX-5000, Stylus Photo RX600, CX7000, WorkForce 635, Stylus Color 480, Stylus Pro 4800, EPL-6200N, LX-850, Stylus C82N, Stylus CX5300, Stylus Photo 870, TM-290, CTM-210A, WorkForce WF-2520, Stylus Photo RX700, ActionPrinter L-1000, WorkForce Pro WP-4520, Expression Photo XP-950, M31-PA, Stylus DX3800+, WorkForce Pro WF-R8590, Color Proofer 5000 II, Stylus Photo CX5800, Artisan 835, EX-1000, ERC-20, ERC-38, Stylus Photo RX640, L-750, CR-420i, Stylus Photo 2000P, B-310N, AcuLaser C1100DN, FX-80 II, Stylus Photo 2100, MX-100+, FX-1000, WorkForce 60, LX-1170 II, LQ-2090, FX-2180, LabelWorks LW-300, PRT290II, Stylus CX6600, IT-U375, M160, LQ-2500+, Stylus Photo PX800FW, Stylus Color 580, M188B, WorkForce WF-7620, LQ-1060, ERC-03, M257, Expression Premium XP-605, RX-80, Stylus Color 500, Stylus Color 670, WorkForce 520, 280A, ActionPrinter 3310, WorkForce 615, Stylus Photo 1290, EPL-5200, AcuLaser C3000N, LQ-1050, Stylus Photo R200, EcoPrinter L555, Stylus Photo R1900, FX-80, LQ-2180, Apex L-1000, WorkForce WF-2530, M280, M190, 182, Stylus NX115, M12-PA, 250, TM-U210B, Stylus NX230, 210V, WorkForce WF-7610, AcuLaser CX11NF, LQ-670, Stylus CX7400, FX-100+, LQ-570, TM-267A, EPL-6200L, Stylus Photo PX720WD, TM-U220A, TM-U262, Stylus Photo 700, CR II, AcuLaser C1100D, Stylus NX400, Stylus C46, Stylus NX300, FX-1050, Stylus Pro 10000, WorkForce 310, WorkForce Pro WP-4033, M3210, LP-AP 3000, CX4450, Stylus Pro 9600, WorkForce WF-100W, LX-300, Stylus C40S, Stylus Color 810, FX-80+, M17-JB, Stylus Pro 3800, 264, Stylus Pro 9000, Stylus CX6400, TM-U925, WorkForce WF-2530WF, MX-70, Stylus NX515, Stylus Photo 780, Expression Photo XP-750, CR IIE, WorkForce 545, MX-80 F/T, TM-210A, M185, LQ-2190N, Stylus Pro 7600, Artisan 50, PictureMate Deluxe, Stylus Color 480SX, LX-400, Stylus Photo RX595, ActionPrinter 5000, Stylus CX7000F, WorkForce 315, TM-U300D, Expression ET-3600 EcoTank, TM-U200A, M270, Stylus C20, CX4400, Expression Photo XP-850, Stylus Photo R595, TM-U672, Stylus D120, M52-JB, ERC-04, LQ-1170, ActionPrinter 2000, LQ-1070+, Artisan 725, Stylus CX5400, TM-U200D, M45, JX-80, M183, Stylus CX5100, WorkForce 645, WorkForce 320, WorkForce WF-2540WF, CR760, CR-420, Expression ET-2550 EcoTank, CR801, WorkForce WF-2010W, WorkForce WF-3520, TM-U325, FX-890N, Stylus CX3650, WorkForce Pro WF-5620, CR750, 30, WorkForce Pro WP-4540, Expression Home XP-420, M3310, TM-U260, TM-U290, FX-86, FX-980, Stylus Photo PX700W, WorkForce Pro WF-4640, WorkForce 633, Stylus Photo 895, DX-20, Stylus Photo 830U, Stylus Photo R280, TM-295, Stylus NX415, Expression Home XP-400, AcuLaser C1900, Stylus CX5000, Stylus C82WN, M147G – TM-H6000 III, TM-930, FX-286, Stylus Photo 820, Stylus NX105, TM-300PD, WorkForce Pro WP-4533, Stylus Pro 4800 Professional Edition, AcuLaser C9100BN, Stylus Color 600, Stylus C60, LQ-2190, WorkForce WF-2540, PictureMate Charm PM225, WorkForce WF-2760, Stylus DX4800, Stylus CX9475F, Stylus DX3800, M262, Stylus Photo 910, Stylus NX100, T-750, 825, 190, Stylus Color 200, 257, CR700, Stylus Pro 3880, WorkForce WF-2650, TM-H6000, Artisan 1430, FX-185, Stylus Photo 870SE, Color Proofer 5000, Expression Premium XP-810, Stylus Pro 4880 Portrait Edition, PRT1700, WorkForce 40, Stylus Color 800, 255, ERC-31, VP-3000, CR802A, PictureMate Flash PM280, LQ-450, Expression Photo XP-55, Stylus Pro 3800 Professional, Stylus N11, LQ-2170, TM-215S, Stylus C86, CTM F-100, WorkForce WF-2750, Stylus CX4800, LQ-680Pro, CR901, LQ-2550, FX-870, TM-300C, Stylus C400X, Stylus Color 800N, B-500, WorkForce Pro WF-5110, LQ-300, Stylus Photo 2200, M267, TM-925, Stylus C42SXU, Stylus Color 780, M-U420, PictureMate Show PM300, Stylus Scan 2500, Stylus Color 685, 180, EHT-20, MX-105, Expression Premium XP-700, FX-86E, B-510N, TM-930 II, AcuLaser C9100, 183, FX-1180+, Stylus Photo PX730WD, 290, Stylus Color 600Q, LQ-300+ II, Stylus NX127, Stylus Pro 4880 ColorBurst, Stylus Photo R2880, Stylus Photo R3000, TM-267 II, TM-U220B, WorkForce 600, MP-100, Stylus Photo RX500, TM-U220 PA, Expression Photo XP-960, Stylus NX625, Stylus Color 400, LQ-870, Stylus Pro 4400, Expression Home XP-310, B-500DN, Apex 80, Stylus Photo 875DCS, Expression Premium XP-710, PictureMate, M164, WorkForce 323, 930, WorkForce Pro WF-5190DW, LQ-570+, WorkForce 325, Stylus Pro 10600, Stylus C20SX, Stylus CX8400, PictureMate 500, LP-2500, DPN2910, Stylus Color 8^3, Maxart PM-9000C, Elite 350+, FX-880+, LX-1050, Expression Home XP-200, DX-100, Stylus Photo R2400, 210A, 4700, 240, WorkForce Pro WF-5620DWF, M820, WorkForce Pro WF-5110DW, Stylus C46UX, M42, FX-100, TM-290 II, M26-SA, Stylus C44, FX-85, AcuLaser CX11F, Stylus NX215, Stylus Photo 870LE, B-510DN, TM-U220D, Stylus Pro 7700, CTM-290, WorkForce WF-3530, Artisan 700, Stylus Color 777i, Stylus Color 850Ne, DFX-5000+, ESPER875, SP1000, Apex 1000, LQ-850, Stylus C42+, 351, Stylus Color 750i, Stylus Photo R2000, CTM-390, Stylus CX6000, LQ-590, TM-U210D, LQ-1070, LX-800, Stylus D78, Stylus Color 640, L-1000, AcuLaser C900, M190G, Stylus C82, WorkForce 1100, Stylus Color 900PS, Stylus Pro 4000, RX-80 F/T, Stylus Color 900G, ERC-32, LQ-1010, Stylus Color 460, FX-186, TM-U220 PB, Stylus NX530, TM-U200B, M240, TM-267B, WorkForce WF-3540, 195, WorkForce WF-2660, TM-U675, M180, DFX-8500, Expression Photo XP-760, 181, Stylus Photo 950, 267, LX-300+, TM-300A, M825, FX-105, M210V, MX-80, Stylus C70+, Color Proofer 10000, Stylus CX3600, Stylus CX7450, M260, 270, Expression Premium XP-820, Stylus Color 900, FX-1170, Stylus C20UX, ActionPrinter 5000+, CR911, PictureMate Express, WorkForce ET-16500 EcoTank, Stylus Photo 790, WorkForce Pro WF-5690, Stylus CX3200, Stylus Photo R1400, Stylus C88, TM-270 II, ERC-34, ActionPrinter 3000, TM-200-UB, MX-90, Stylus Color 740, WorkForce WF-7510, Stylus Scan 2500 Pro, Stylus Photo 1500W, EPL-5600, FX-890, CR900, LX-300+ II, Stylus Photo 960, Stylus NX305, Stylus Photo 915, Stylus C42, M31, Stylus Pro 9700, WorkForce 500, Stylus Color 83, Expression Home XP-320, 185, LQ-1000, TM-U200, M 146 A, M195, 163, ERC-09, Expression Home XP-430, Stylus Color 777, Stylus CX9475Fax, Stylus Photo, Expression Home XP-330, EPL-8000, WorkForce 30, G5840, Expression Premium XP-760, Stylus C64, Stylus CX4600, RX-100, DX-10, WorkForce WF-2630, Stylus C40UX, PictureMate Zoom PM290, Stylus Color C40UX, LQ-1060+, TM-950, Stylus Color 740i, WorkForce 840, Stylus Photo 935, Stylus Photo 825, 265, RP-265, AcuLaser C9100DT, M264, Stylus D68P, X-10, AP-80, Stylus Photo R220, LQ-860+, M150, FX-850, Artisan 725 Artic Edition, 210, Stylus C66, Artisan 800, 252, WorkForce WF-7110, M220, FX-2170, MX-80 F/T III, Stylus Photo R680, TM-267D, Expression Premium XP-600, 360, Stylus NX125, TM-H5000 II, WorkForce Pro WP-4590, Stylus D88, TM-267, PM-300, FX-2190, Stylus Color 480SXU, HX-40, WorkForce WF-7520, Stylus Photo R580, ActionPrinter T-1000, LP-1000, Expression Premium XP-800, ERC-19, B-300, Stylus C84WN, Stylus C62, M211, Expression Home XP-300, Stylus Photo 830, Artisan 837, M280A, TM-U220, LQ-850+, M63-UA, Stylus Color 1160, Stylus Color 880i, Stylus Color 900N, Stylus Color 440, Stylus CX4450, ERC-27, Expression Premium XP-630, WorkForce Pro WF-R5690, WorkForce Pro WP-4530, TM-H6000 III ECW, P-40, Stylus Color 850N, WorkForce WF-7010, TM-270, WorkForce Pro WF-R5190, MX-80 II, Stylus Photo 890, M290, Stylus Color C40S, ActionPrinter Apex 80, Stylus BX310FN, LQ-680, Stylus C88+, M119, HX-20, ActionPrinter 5500, Apex L-750, MX-82 F/T III, M119B, MX-100, Stylus C44UX, M119D, CR910, LP-5000, WorkForce Pro WP-4023, TM-U295, ActionPrinter 4000, M161, Stylus NX110, Stylus Color 760, Stylus NX410, ERC-23, WorkForce WF-2520NF, 262, ActionPrinter 4500, Stylus Color 880, Stylus CX3810, M280V, Stylus Photo 925, WorkForce Pro WF-5190, LP-1400, Expression Premium XP-530, M31T, Stylus Photo RX680, TM-H6000 III, CR III, AcuLaser CX11N, Stylus CX7000, LX-1170, Stylus Photo 1290S, ADS44, Apex T-1000, AcuLaser CX11NFC, LQ-2500, Stylus Color 850, TM-300B, LQ-1050+, Stylus CX9400Fax, Stylus CX7800, Stylus Photo 785EPX, TM-U375, EcoPrinter L110, Stylus C46+, Stylus C80N, M252, Stylus CX5200, TM-U370, Stylus Photo R800, M290 II, Expression Photo XP-860, WorkForce Pro WF-5690DWF, PictureMate Dash PM260, FX-70+, FX-880, Stylus C61, Stylus Pro 4880, CR812, Stylus D92, AcuLaser C9100PS, FX-286E, FX-100 FT, Stylus C40+, Artisan 810, LX-1000, Stylus Scan 2000, Stylus CX4400, Stylus Photo R1800, M210, Expression Premium XP-520, Stylus C42UX, Stylus Photo 875DC, 290 II, WorkForce Pro WF-4630DWF, Stylus C84N, ERC-30, CR IV, Stylus Photo P50, AcuLaser C3000, WorkForce WF-100, M Series, Stylus Photo 1270, TM-H5000, ET-14000 EcoTank, Expression Premium XP-620, Stylus C80WN, Stylus B1100, Stylus 515, EcoPrinter L120, ActionPrinter T-750, LX-810, M133A, EcoPrinter L355, M181, WorkForce WF-3620, 160, Stylus Color 660, Stylus Photo R340, TM-267C, MX-85, ActionPrinter 3210, Stylus NX130, Stylus Photo R320, Stylus Pro 3880 Signature Worthy Edition, Stylus D88+, MX-100 III, WorkForce 610, EcoPrinter L210, WorkForce WF-2010F, Stylus Photo R300, Stylus C44+, Expression Premium XP-615, Stylus Photo RX580, EPL-6200, LQ-350, Stylus CX4200, LQ-510, Stylus TX100, Stylus NX330, Stylus Photo PX710W, ERC-40, WorkForce WF-3640, 161, Stylus NX200, ERC-08, Stylus Color 860, Stylus CX9400F, Stylus C120, LQ-300+, LQ-550, Stylus NX430, TM-U300, Stylus Photo 1280, Stylus C40XU, T-1000, DX-35, PRT2700, Expert 2500, ActionPrinter L-750, DFX-9000, Stylus C80, M192G, Stylus Photo 1400, ERC-02 II, LQ-570e, PictureMate Snap PM240, Expert 2000, Expression Premium XP-635, Expression Home XP-410, Stylus Photo 750, 300D, MX-82, WorkForce ET-4550 EcoTank, LQ-860, AcuLaser C1100N, 164, M255, TM-300D, 211, TM-U590, 260, 220, WorkForce Pro WP-4020, DFX-9000N, Stylus PX820FWD, Artisan 710, Stylus Photo PX830FWD, Stylus NX510, Stylus SX510W, Stylus C42SX, FX-2190N, Stylus Color 680, M-J100, Stylus Photo PX660, TM-U950, Stylus NX420, FX-800, Stylus SX115, Stylus CX5800F, 280V, Expression Home XP-434, FX-105+, 210S, TM-300 Series, LP-5000+, WorkForce 630, WorkForce 632, 820, Expression Premium XP-510, WorkForce 845, M32-SA, LQ-800, EPL-N1200, AcuLaser C1100+, PictureMate Pal PM200, WorkForce Pro WP-4010, LP-4000, CR510, Stylus CX3100, Stylus Color 3000, RX-100+, Stylus Photo EX, SP1100, Stylus Pro 5000, Artisan 730, 280, Stylus Photo PX810FW, LQ-2550+, EcoPrinter L335, LQ-2070, ERC-22, DFX-8000, WorkForce Pro WF-4630, Stylus Photo 1200, Stylus Color 980, Stylus Color 1520, G5800, Stylus Photo 810, LQ-400, 355, AcuLaser C1100, M32T, MX-80 III, Expression ET-2500 EcoTank, M163, MX-80 F/T II, RX-70, AcuLaser C4100, LQ-2080, Stylus Photo R260, Expression Premium XP-610, Stylus Photo R300M, Stylus C40SX, Stylus Photo R380, M265, Stylus C68, Expression Home XP-424, M115A, Stylus C50, WorkForce Pro WP-4090, TM-U230, AcuLaser C9100DPS, RX-80 F/T+, Stylus Photo PX820FWD, and M42 III.


1205, IntelliFax-1940CN, MFC-7440N, Professional 80, P910C, DCP-7020, DCP-7045N, WP-480, Executron 70, PT-1750, MFC-J4610DW, EM-450, IntelliFax-5750, Crown Ranier, LW-350, PT-1190, AX-40, PT-90, WP-200, PT-8, WP-75, MFC-1780, HL-2700CN, MFC-L8650CDW, HL-2040, MFC-8690DW, DCP-117C, HL-6050D, HL-L6200DWT, PT-70DIY, MFC-9970, PT-310B, HL-5170DN, GX-8750, WPT-470, Student-Riter II, GX-9750SP, PT-1230PC, HL-L6400DW, 8112PD, PT-1100ST, DCP-7060D, CX-50, Fax-3550, EM-530SP, DCP-130C, HL-6050DW, HL-2030, EM-2050D, M-7200, MFC-J885DW, SX-4000, AX-355, PT-2700, DCP-9022CDW, Fax-4750, PC-201, Compactronic 320, HL-5170DLT, AX-245, DCP-J725DW, EM-811FX, WP-2450DS, DCP-1400, Compactronic 380, AX-100, PT-E500, MFC-8810DW, HL-6050DNLT, PT-65SL, PT-1180, Fax-8060P, PT-2600, MFC-J6925DW, MFC-9420CN, MFC-9125CN, PT-D600, XL-1500, MFC-3650, MFC-L8600CDW, HL-760 Plus, Fax-8050P, DCP-9045CDN, DCP-9042CDN, WP-5750DS, MFC-9140CDN, EM-401, AX-35, PT-2710, HL-5450DNT, HL-5070N, MFC-8950DWT, M-7900D, LW-450, PT-7600, IntelliFax-2800, MFC-3320CN, MFC-L2740DW, Fax-1860C, Fax-870MC, WP-1400, AX Series, Fax-4100e, MFC-L5700DW, MFC-4800, CX-90, MFC-7650, Correctronic 340, PT-110, CX-60, CX-80, PT-540, WP-3950, HL-1260, MFC-7345N, EM-430, Student-Riter XL1, PT-1500PC, PT-1180SC, PT-1900, MFC-850, DCP-9040CN, DCP-J752DW, DCP-7065DN, PT-1280VP, CE-25, WP-800, ST-1150DX, HL-L2360DN, PT-70, Fax-8200P, DCP-8155DN, Compactronic 40, CE-50, WP-1600D, MFC-3550, WP-5600MDS, HL-3140CW, MFC-845CW, HL-L9200CDWT, WP-760D Plus, GX-9750, EM-550, Compactronic 45, PT-P700, PT-2200, PT-9700PC, MFC-9045CDN, EM-605, HL-5150D, Fax-1010e, Fax-930, WP-2410DS, QL-550, CE-550, EM-350, HL-5130, MFC-5490CN, MFC-9325CW, MFC-8370DN, Executron 68, AX-430, HL-5370DWT, MFC-J6720DW, HL-2240, PT-1910, MFC-J615W, ST-1150, PT-1750SC, MFC-J430W, PT-1290RS, WP-760D, MFC-J835DW, MFC-7550MC, GX-6500, 8110PD, PT-1880W, HL-2070N, HL-1270, HL-1870NLT, M-1824, HL-5050, MFC-9850, LW-400, 122PDR, HL-L8350CDWT, M-1924L, QL-710W, Fax-1030P, WP-1500D, HL-L6400DWT, M-7300, HL-6180DW, Compactronic II, Fax-931, CE-45, IntelliFax-1840C, HL-2240D, MFC-210CN, HL-6050N, MFC-J4320DW, MFC-L8850CDW, QL-1050, AX-15M, IntelliFax-3750, MFC-J870DW, Fax-5750, HL-1250LT, MFC-9880, CE-35, PT-D600VP, HL-3180CDW, WP-620, PT-85, AX-10, Fax-9050, MFC-9060, IntelliFax-2480C, DCP-375CW, WP-3950DS, MFC-6890CDW, MFC-9160, HR-10C, PT-170K, HL-3075CW, PT-2210, TS-3050, MFC-9660, CE-555, PT-1880C, HR-15XL, Correctronic 320, HL-1660NE, HR-30, MFC-1750, WP-5500DS, PT-1500, CE-500, MFC-9680, AX-410, Fax-920, AX-600, PT-1300, HL-720, DCP-8080DN, Compactronic 60, MFC-J875DW, ML-500, AX-320, SX Series, HL-5370DW, MFC-9760, CE-68, Fax-1030, MFC-660CN, PT-2730VP, MFC-9342CDW, PT-1010B, DCP-770CW, ZX-30, CE-560, MFC-J5720DW, GX-7750, Executron 65, MFC-8300J, PT-75, Compactronic 300, IntelliFax-600, MFC-8370, PT-1290BT2, IntelliFax-2850, Fax-1700P, MFC-5890CN, PT-1290BT, PT-128AF, EM-31 II, MFC-L6900DW, M-1918, HR-15, HL-1260DX, Correctronic 350, HL-1870N, HL-6050, HL-7050, PT-1010R, Fax-565, MFC-J4410DW, PT-2410, HL-2030R, Correctronic 50, 7800, MFC-230C, PT-H500LI, HL-2250DN, WP-2200, HL-1470, PT-330, MFC-J6910DW, HL-L2360DW, HL-1270N, HL-L2320D, MFC-L5800DW, DCP-8060, HL-5050LT, MFC-4550 Plus, HL-L2305W, HL-L5000D, MFC-970MC, AX-210, PT-9800PCN, CW-600, AX-140, LW-10, Fax-1010 Plus, AX-18, MFC-L2707DW, DCP-L2500D, PT-65, CE-650, PT-310, PT-55S, IntelliFax-2820, PT-70BM, MFC-9600, SX-23, WP-60, EM-530, MPD-100, MFC-8120NCH, MFC-8300, DCP-8025DN, AX-425, MFC-495CW, PT-9500PC, WP-230B, Fax-910, IntelliFax-2940, IntelliFax-2910, MFC-8820DN, CE-222, Compactronic I, MFC-3420C, MFC-J4625DW, MFC-9050, WP-720, DCP-1000, PRO 80, Fax-1010, Fax-575, Correctronic 65, MFC-9440CN, M-7800, EM-300, Fax-580MC, MFC-440CN, DCP-J172W, WP-55, MFC-J6710DW, WP-2600Q, MFC-9070, GX-8000, Fax-560, EM-85, MFC-4650, WP-1500, WP-1350DS, Fax-1200P, HL-760, MFC-7840W, EM-100, PT-1010RDT, HL-L6300DW, HL-L6300DWT, IntelliFax-1450MC, PT-2300, MFC-1870MC, EM-430SP, 7200, PT-P750W, QL-570VM, DCP-8045D, PT-2400, HL-2140, HL-5140, MFC-L5700DN, QL-700, IntelliFax-1960C, MFC-9840CDW, LW-35, Fax-1030e, IntelliFax-1270, PT-3400, EM-630SP, IntelliFax-2840, IntelliFax-750, WP-5850MDS, MFC-6490CW, DCP-8025D, MFC-8520DN, MFC-665CW, HL-2460, SD-10Y – HL-4050CDN, MPD-120, EM-701, Fax-1350, HL-2130, Fax-8350P, HL-1260PS, IntelliFax-1940C, IntelliFax-5750e, DCP-L5600DN, MFC-6890DW, 7112PD, MFC-295CN, EM-611, PT-1000BM, PT-1830, MFC-8870DW, IntelliFax-2440C, HL-4200CN, WP-660, DCP-L2540DW, EM-750FX, AX-22, PT-340, MFC-3240CN, IntelliFax-1270e, MFC-8710DW, PRO 420, WP-5900MDS, PT-580C, Fax-2825, HL-730, MFC-J835W, GX-9000, DCP-L8400CDN, DCP-9020CDW, WP-77S, MFC-J285DW, PT-6100, Fax-1270, PT-70BBVP, PT-2500PC, MFC-8470DN, MFC-685CW, HR-1, DCP-310CN, MFC-J5520DW, HL-2280DW, DCP-8110DN, PT-8000XL, HL-1650N, HL-4040CDN, MFC-250C, MFC-8860DLT, IntelliFax-2920, Correctronic 300, HL-1230, MFC-7650MC, DCP-395CN, MFC-7320, CE-666, PT-9200DX, MFC-1950MC Plus, MFC-J630W, PT-9400, IntelliFax-4100, HL-1650N Plus, MFC-J6510DW, HL-5040, HL-P2500T, PT-1280, MFC-9870, HL-2170W, MFC-L9550CDWT, PT-55BM, IntelliFax-1250, PT-100, MFC-4550, 8300, MFC-J4510DW, MFC-9450CDN, DCP-385C, HL-L9200CDW, WP-490, WP-90, MFC-1950 Plus, MFC-8670DN, GX-7000, AX-350, DCP-J715W, MFC-4600, DCP-115C, QL-1060N, IntelliFax-1360, MFC-8380DN, Professional 400, Compactronic 350, CM-2000, LW-100, DCP-J152W, DCP-9015CDW, Compactronic III, QL-720NW, HL-4570CDW, WP-1250, 7500, ZX-1700, MFC-7420, PT-1160, Fax-1940CN, HL-4140CN, DCP-L2520DW, HL-L6250DW, WP-5550, 7300, Fax-1360, MFC-9970CDW, MFC-9660N, MFC-3360C, MFC-465CN, Fax-3750, EM-350E, HL-2150N, COM 300M, MFC-9550, CE-58, Correctronic 35, MFC-7750, CW-1000, PT-20, MFC-L5900DW, MFC-J650DW, EM-811, MFC-7820N, WP-5550MDS, HL-L2365DW, PT-1900C, MFC-8460N, MFC-9180, PT-1180SP, MFC-J5625DW, AX-440, MFC-J5910DW, IntelliFax-1820C, PT-30, WP-800MDS, MFC-990CW, Fax-1750, HL-1450, PT-65VP, AX-33, EM-1, Fax-917, AX-625, MFC-9010CN, IntelliFax-2750, MFC-490CW, Fax-8070P, DCP-J562DW, HL-2242D, PT-2310, WP-330MDS, ZX-1900, IntelliFax-1570MC, DCP-L5650DN, MFC-420C, AX-30, EM-1050DS, MFC-7345DN, MFC-885CW, Correctronic 140, MFC-J280W, M-1924, HL-1250, PT-1960, MFC-6550MC, DCP-7010, MFC-3220C, HL-5440D, MFC-8820D, MFC-3820CN, Fax-1460, MFC-9330CDW, MFC-9560CDW, WP-70, IntelliFax-3550, MFC-9750, MFC-J270W, SX-16, AX-25, AX-15, Fax-8250P, MFC-J435W, DCP-9055CDN, Fax-1170, Perfectype, AX-330, PT-1170S, IntelliFax-885MC, 7600, HL-2270DW, HL-8370, MFC-J6920DW, M-Office 7000, DCP-353C, EM-80, MFC-9460CDN, PT-1800, MFC-L6900DWT, IntelliFax-1170, M-1800, PT-2100, Executron 60, WP-510, Correctronic 355, IntelliFax-2600, PT-9600, HL-960, IntelliFax-770, MFC-1770, MFC-J220, MFC-680CN, AX-110, DCP-J4110DW, HL-1660DX, EM-411, DCP-L5500DN, Correctronic 380, PT-7500, WP-3650D, GX-6000, CE-80, ML-100, MFC-8510DN, HL-L2380DW, DCP-8045DN, HR-25XL, PT-550, HR-25, MFC-790CW, PT-70BMH, HL-5470DWT, PT-520, DCP-750CW, DCP-9050CDN, PT-1200, MFC-L6800DW, CE-700, AX-26, IntelliFax-580MC, Checkwriter CW-600, EM-2000, WP-4750DS, WP-1, ZX Series, IntelliFax-2900, PT-25, HL-3040CW, DCP-L8450CDW, Fax-1835C, HL-730 Plus, PT-E550W, M-1824L, MFC-J450DW, WP-80, PT-1280BT, MFC-9000, GX-8500, EM-701FX, M-7300D, MFC-J410W, XL-50, HL-4070CDW, CX-65, MFC-9860, HL-2220, MFC-3320C, MFC-7220, IntelliFax-3650, DCP-8150DN, DCP-6690CW, HL-5350DNLT, MPD-12PDS, MFC-L6750DW, WP-1400D, MFC-L2720DW, DCP-J525W, HL-1260NTR, HL-L8350CDW, WP-2400, Compactronic 300M, AX-310, HL-5150DLT, IntelliFax-2580C, PT-7100, AX-220, MFC-J425W, IntelliFax-775, LW-20, HL-3142CW, HL-5340D, WP-2410, MFC-J4620DW, Fax-3650, PT-1100SB, MFC-7450, PT-1100QL, Fax-1355, AX-230, HL-700, MFC-7460DN, M022, HL-L6200DW, PRO 460, HL-2460N, MFC-J625W, MFC-J4420DW, MFC-L9950CDWT, DCP-J132W, MFC-410CN, EM-1050D, MFC-L5850DW, PY-75 Portable, PT-150, MFC-L5750DW, AX-475, HL-5170DNLT, HR-40, EM-65, MFC-8700, HL-5470DW, M-1809, MFC-9332CDW, MFC-J985DW, HL-L5100DN, PT-1650, WP-65, WP-3400, M-1900, MFC-215C, DCP-J4120DW, PY-80 Portable, WP-3550, PT-2430PC, Compactronic 310, MFC-9142CDN, IntelliFax-775Si, MFC-290C, Fax-1840C, AX-550, HL-1670N, PT-12N, PT-1830SC, HL-L9300CDWTT, EM-30 II, Fax-2480C, MFC-6650MC, Fax-2850, WP-2800Q, Compactronic 58, HLP-2500, DCP-7025, AX-45, HL-L5200DW, Fax-1020, EM-711, M-1818, MFC-P2500, GX Series, CE-40, HL-1670, EM-1000, MFC-5460CN, PT-1950, WP-680, PT-35, MFC-4350, Compactronic 360, PT-PC, MFC-9880N, CE-30, MFC-5895CW, MFC-8910DW, PT-170, WP-5750MDS, PT-70SP, QL-650TD, EM-801, Professional 440, Fax-920Z, MFC-8600, AX-20, MFC-8880DN, MFC-1970MC, MFC-J985DW XL, PT-300B, PT-2030AD, Correct-O-Ball 7300, WPT-480, Fax-2940, AX-325, MFC-5860CN, WP-800MDSSP, HL-1850, Fax-1150, MFC-8680DN, CE-65, DP-501, PRO 95, GX-6750, AX-24, AX-120, Fax-8000P, Checkwriter CW-1000, EM-200, Fax-940 E-Mail, HL-1660E, IntelliFax-1575MC, Correctronic 145, MFC-1970, GL-100, Opus WP510, EM-850FX, HL-2060, HL-5270DN, DCP-7040, DCP-J125, QL-570, PT-65SCCP, Compactronic 35, EM-605SP, EM-1050, PT-70HOL, WP-4U, MFC-7340, MFC-8950DW, DCP-340CW, HL-2230, MFC-J625DW, Fax-2840, HL-3070CW, AX-450, HR-20, PT-1880SC, CE-50XL, PT-1290, PT-11Q, MFC-6550, Fax-1960C, HL-6180DWT, MFC-660MC, 50, Correct-O-Ball XLI, Fax-1950, QL-580N, HL-L2300D, MFC-7820, MFC-420CN, MFC-8480DN, PT-1090BK, MFC-L9550CDW, WP-650, MFC-210C, EM-501, MFC-L2705DW, PT-2470, MFC-8660DN, AX-400, MFC-J6520DW, MFC-L2703DW, WP-1450DS, DCP-110C, I606, IntelliFax-1150, Compactronic 333, HL-5030, PT-2110, MFC-640CW, HL-2120, HL-730DX Plus, IntelliFax-4100e, MFC-8120, PT-1700, ZX-50, MFC-4450, PT-80, Compactronic 50, MFC-9320CN, GX-6570, IntelliFax-650M, MFC-J880DW, PT-1400, HL-2132, AX-300, EM-2050, HL-631, HL-5250DNT, MFC-7225N, Correctronic 333, DCP-J552DW, PT-1090, CE-60, MFC-5840CN, MFC-8440, PC-201RF, MFC-8840D, PT-1170, Computronic 60, Fax-8750P, PT-1010S, MFC-8500, MFC-J4710DW, HR-35, MFC-9500, WP-3900, WP-335B, FAX-878, PT-530, MFC-9130CW, MFC-4300, CE-320, MFC-8220, MFC-J245, AX-500, WP-660E, LW-30, HL-3170CDW, IntelliFax-875MC, Fax-2920, MFC-1025, MFC-9120CN, DCP-1200, Fax-1020P, HL-7050N, IntelliFax-4750, PT-200, HL-1260NE, MFC-8890DW, AX-28, MFC-9340CDW, Fax-8650P, Fax-1020e, PT-70SR, Correct-O-Ball 7200, MFC-8840DTN, HL-5450DN, MFC-8640D, Fax-921, AX-340, AX-130, HL-1660, MFC-820CW, DCP-540CN, PT-12, WP-2500Q, MFC-1850MC, MFC-8710DN, HL-L6250DN, DCP-8040, EM-601, HL-L5200DWT, MFC-8860DN, DCP-7030, MFC-7860DW, MFC-J415W, QL-1050N, PY-80+ Portable, PT-1880, IntelliFax-600M, HL-5250DN, HR-10, PT-3600, MFC-J5320DW, CE-61, PT-80SCCP, MFC-1950MC, DCP-7070DW, PT-4000, DCP-120C, MFC-L2700DW, CE-600, PT-1280SP, DCP-9270CDN, WP-95, Fax-9070, Fax-2845, HR-35P, DCP-8070D, ML-300, CX-95, AX-250, HL-1850LT, EM-250, EM-511, SX-14, WP-500, HL-1870, Professional 90, MFC-5440CN, HL-1440, DCP-330C, MFC-J825DW, DCP-L6600DW, MFC-425CN, DCP-560CN, XL-500, IntelliFax-560, PT-1010NB, Fax-2440C, Fax-2820, DCP-8085DN, HL-8070, Executron 50, PT-2030VP, PT-8000, DCP-J925DW, DCP-L2560DW, CE-51, HL-3172CDW, IntelliFax-2550ML, LW-200, MFC-3240C, HL-5340DL, GX-7500, DCP-9010CN, PT-10, MFC-J265W, PT-65SB, MFC-7050C, PT-1280SR, AX-370, MFC-6800, WP-85, Fax-1550, M-1909, GX-8250, HL-4050CDN, AX-12M, HL-L5100DNT, Fax-770, WP-5, HL-1435, Porelon, HL-1650, IntelliFax-870MC, WP-3600D, MFC-J485DW, MFC-L2700DN, HL-3152CDW, Fax-8360P, 7900, DCP-8250DN, EM-60, HL-4040CN, DCP-8020, 9300, EM-721, PT-1810, HL-L8250CDN, PT-1000, HL-1240, MFC-J460DW, PT-1830VP, PT-1100, MFC-620CN, DCP-165C, MFC-255CW, MFC-3340CN, QL-500, MFC-240C, CE-333, MFC-9600J, HL-2135W, HR-100, PT-9200PC, PT-2030, AX-525, PT-70HOT, Fax-750, PT-1100SBVP, 12PDX, MFC-9800, WP-1700MDS, HL-5240, HL-4150CDN, CM-1000, PT-1120, HL-1260E, PRO 440, MFC-J4310DW, Correct-O-Ball 7800, MFC-9465CDN, MFC-795CW, M-1324L, MFC-7365DN, COM 310, PT-2730, PT-70HK, MFC-8420, MFC-9700, GX-9500, IntelliFax-1350M, MFC-7240, MFC-J5920DW, HL-6050DN, MFC-J475DW, DCP-L2540DN, Correctronic 310, MFC-9320CW, CE-70, HL-2070NR, IntelliFax-1550MC, PT-320, EM-721FX, PT-2610, M-1324, WP-5550MD Plus, HL-3040CN, AX-240, GX-6750SP, Correct-O-Ball 7900, HL-8420, PT-1760, HL-730DX, MFC-L6700DW, 8110P, WP-900MDS, MPD-10, DCP-585CW, PT-1600, MFC-J5620DW, EX-122PD, DCP-315CN, P820C, PT-15, Correctronic 360, DCP-8065DN, HL-4570CDWT, WP-700D, HL-L2340DW, PT-18R, PT-1010, PT-300, Compactronic 340, EM-31, HL-3150CDW, COM 300, PT-350, HL-1660D, WP-1150, WP-5550MDS Plus, HL-2275DW, ST-5, WP-1800, MFC-8840DN, MFC-770, HL-3045CN, AX-145, Correctronic 300M, IntelliFax-4750e, DCP-350C, CM-2050, IntelliFax-1920CN, Fax-1150P, Correctronic 40, MFC-7360N, Fax-1030 Plus, MFC-J680DW, MPD-12DX, PT-6, MFC-J470DW, MPD, PT-1830C, PRO 400, WP-3410, M-1309, MFC-9030, HL-1030, MFC-9650, PT-1130, DCP-J140W, HL-5350DN, HL-5280DW, WP-3900DS, Professional 420, HL-5380DN, EM-30, IntelliFax-3800, HL-1660N, ZX-3000, AX-12, CE-400, EM-630, HL-1430, MFC-3820C, HL-1470N, EM-2, REM-630, MFC-J480DW, and IntelliFax-1860C.


5100cn, 1600n, 2355dn, 1700, 2135c, B1160w, 5130cdn, 1350cnw, 2330d, V305w, 962, B2360d, V505w, P513w, C2660dn, C2665dnf, 5110cn, C1760nw, B3465dn, 1133, 2330dn, A940, 5110n, S2815 dn, V715w, 1125, 5330dn, 5535dn, S5830 dn, 2230d, B5460dn, V515w, S2830 dn, B3465dnf, B5460dnf, C5765dn, 3130cn, P703w, 926, 942, S2500n, B1260dnf, B1265dnf, 1710n, 2130cn, 3130cnd, B1165nfw, V305, 944, P713w, 968, V313, 1700n, 3335dn, M5200n, C1765nfw, V313w, 924, 2350dn, A960, C3760dn, 964, 1230c, B3460dn, 2155cdn, 2150cn, 1320c, B5465dnf, 968w, 1250c, B1163w, 1110, C3760n, 1720dn, 3100cn, 3110cn, 2155cn, 5210n, 3333dn, 946, V505, C3760dnf, V305x, C3765dnf, 1355cnw, 1130n, B1260dn, 5310n, J740, 5530dn, 1815dn, V105, 7330dn, S2810 dn, 2150cdn, 1130, S2500, 1710, 2350d, 725, 922, 1320cn, 948, P1500, A920, 1320c Network, 1100, C1660w, 5230dn, 1720, 810, 2335dn, V725w, 966, B1265dfw, 1135n, 2145cn, 1355w, B2375dnf, V525w, W5300n, 1235cn, 5350dn, 1355cn, B1160, 2135cn, P715w, 3010cn, B2360dn, 3330dn, B2375dfw, 720, H815 dw, 7130cdn, C1765nf, 3000cn, 5230n, and 3115cn.


MB472w, MC352dn, C5100n, MC351dn, C610cdn, MB770 +, MC361dn, OkiFax 5300 Plus, OkiPage 16n, Microline 391 Turbo, Microline 3391eco, OL610ex, B410dn, OkiPage 6e, Microline 4410, B411dn, C5300, B4300n PS, C9300dxn, C7350hn, C710, MB770 f+, C830dn, C9500dn V2, Microline 386, OkiFax 4580, C9500, OkiPage 10, OkiOffice 84 Type 6, OkiPage 12i/n, Microline 193, C5650, ET 8550, Degrava DP 8500, Microline 320 Elite, C9300dn V2, MB760 +, C841n, B6300n, Microline 395, OkiPage 12, MC350, C5300n CCS, OkiPage 14i/n, C7300n V2, Microline 321 Turbo/n, OkiPage 8im, C9300, C8800dn, C6150n, C8600dn, Microline 393C Plus, B4600, C830n Color Tabloid, C3600, B420dn, C130n, B410d, C5510n, Microline 182 Plus, Microline 186 Parallel, Microline 520/n, OkiFax 1000, Executive 2426dn, Microline 520, C831cdtn, MB290, Microline 192, B2200, OL810ex, Pacemark 4410N, B731dnw, C5500, Microline 590, C530dn, OkiOffice 87, Microline 183, B730dn, C822n, C5400dtn, C7300n, C5800n, C6100dtn, C610dn, Microline 320 Turbo, C7100n, Microline 120, C9800hn, MC560, OkiPage 8w Lite, B6100, B730n, Microline 186 Serial, B6200dn, Microline 280 Elite, Microline 791, C5450, C7350dn, Microline 182 TTY, C511dn, OkiMate 120, B6300, MC560n, Microline 400 Series, B431d, C9600hdtn, C331dn, C3450, B4550, C9500hdn, C710dn, Microline 320 Turbo/d, B4300, C810n, MB760, C9650hn, Microline 395C, MB460, B720n, Microline 720, MC360 MFP, B731dn, C3530 MFP, C811dn, OkiFax 5680 I-FAX, C711n, MB280, MB461, C5540, C9300n V2, B4400n, B720dn, MC873dnx, B930dtn, C3530, C7500dxn, OkiFax 2300, C310dn, OkiPage 8z, C7550n, MC362w, OL400ex, OkiFax 5500, MC873dn, C5400dn, C5800, OkiPage 14e, Microline 521 Elite, B4600n PS, B4300n, MB480, OkiPage 14i, MC160, Microline 3410, MC851cdtn+, MB470, C5400tn, C830n, C7350hdn, C9500ga, C9650hdn, Microline 3320, MB491, MB760 + Wireless, C8600n, C9600hdn, Microline 421, B430dn, OkiPOS Series 50, C9300hdn V2, C5700n, B6300nmx, OL810e, Microline 182 Turbo, Microline 790, MC562dn, Microline 192 Elite, MB770fx, Microline 590 Elite, Microline 591 Elite, Microline 172, B4350n PS, 5700, Executive 2426e, C5550, C7500n, MB472dnw, C6150dtn, C9500dxn, B440dn, C5400, C7300, C7550, Microline 321, B930dxf, B8300n, B4350, C7500dn, MB770 fx+, MC560 MFP, C6100, B2400, OkiPage 8w, OL410e, MB260, C9500hdn V2, C9800hdn, OkiFax 2350, B6200, C5650n, MC780fx, OL600ex, MC160n, Microline 490n, Microline 390 Turbo, Microline 320, C6100dn, MB562w, MC560 Plus, C5200, B6250dn, Microline 391 Plus, OkiFax 2450, OkiFax 5680, C7100, Microline 320 Turbo/n, Microline 3390eco, OkiFax 5200, B4350 PS, C841dn, OkiFax 5950, C710dtn, MC361, C5500n, OkiPage 10i, C8800dtn, Microline 180, C5750n, C8800n, C9800ga, MC780 fx+, C831d, C5650dn, Microline 391, OkiPage 12i, C9600, MB471w, MB770dnfax, OkiPage 10e, B4400, OkiOffice 84, C5700dn, Microline 3391, B6200n, B710dn, MC780f, C711dn, C3530n, Microline 390 Plus, MB760dnfax, OkiPage 6ex, C830cdtn, OkiFax 5600, OkiFax 5900, Microline 3390, B410, MB471dnw, OkiPage 8p, C711dtn, MC780 +, Microline 421n, C3600n, MB491 Plus LP, OkiPage 10ex, C5100, Microline 490, C8600dtn, C330dn, C5200ne, OL600e, OkiPOS 441J, C3200n, C9600n, 5900, C3100, C5550n, Microline 591, C610dtn, C7350dtn, Microline 380, MB492dn, C3400n, C5200n, B930n, C5300n, MC860, B4550n, MC760, OL610e-PS, OkiFax 2200, C5600dn, C7550dn, Microline 193 Elite, C9300n, C810dn, Microline 420, Microline 520 Elite, Pacemark 3410, B6300dn, Microline 393C, C5800Ldn, C6100n, MC770dnfax, B44500, OkiFax 2600, C5600n, OkiFax 4550, C831n, MC561dn, C5000, OkiFax 5300, Microline 390 Turbo/n, B4600n, MB770, Microline 3321eco, OkiPOS Series 90, C610n, OkiFax 5780, Microline 391 Turbo/n, C3300n, MC362dn, C830dtn, B721dn, C7550hdn, Microline 193 Plus, C5400n, B4100, OL610e, OkiFax 5980, C6150, OkiMate 240, MC770, Microline 393, B710n, C531dn, C711wt, B431dn, Microline 192 Plus, C7300dxn, MB471, Microline 491, Microline 195, B4250, MB492, Microline 3321, OkiFax 1050, OkiPage 5250, B6100n, MC780, OL410e-PS, C7300dn, C822dn, C831dn, C9500n, Microline 393 Plus, OkiPOS 441, C9600dn, C7500, B6250n, OkiFax 5650, Microline 491n, Microline 194, C9850, Microline 721, C841cdtn, C5510, C5150, MC562dnw, OL810e-PS, OkiFax 5250, B4200, OkiFax 5050, B4350n, Microline 385, B411d, C710n, OL410ex, B930dn, Microline 3320eco, Microline 280, Microline 321 Turbo, OkiPage 5400, MC780 f+, C9800, C5150n, C810cdtn, MC360, OkiFax 5700, OkiPage 6w, Executive 2426n, Microline 182, OL400e, MC360n MFP, C3400, C6100hdn, C810, C9500dn, OkiFax 5600 Plus, C5800dn, MC560dn, OkiFax 5400, C6150hdn, OkiOffice 86, MB400 Series, OkiPage 10i/n, MB770dn, C710cdtn, Microline 521n, C3200, C6150dn, C510dn, Pacemark 4410, C7350, B512dn, ES3037, Microline 420n, C5250, C9300hdn, B4250n, B432dn, OkiFax 5750, OkiPage 14ex, C7500hdn, B412dn, OkiFax 2400, C345n, Microline 321 Elite, MC351, Microline 321 Turbo/D, MC873dnc, C9800hdtn, C9650n, C711cdtn, C3520, OkiPage 8p Plus, MC770 +, MC562w, C9650dn, Microline 184 Turbo, MC770 + Wireless, MB770f, Microline 390, Microline 521, Microline 300 Series, MC561, C7350n, C5300dn, and C9300dn.


ML-3050, SP-2417, Xpress C480 FN, ML-5515 ND, ER1805, SQ-3000, CLX-3170FW, CLP-315, CLX-3305, ProXpress M3320ND, CLX-3160FN, CLP-600N, SL-C423, ML-1710B, ML-4551ND, CLP-310K, ML-3312ND, SCX-4321, ML-2010P, Xpress M2022, ML-2851ND, SCX-3405FW, SCX-6120, ML-1450, CLX-3185FW, SCX-4728FD, SRP-270, SCX-6220, SCX-4729FD, ML-3710ND, CLP-660, ML-6515 ND, SCX-4623F, Xpress M2875ND, Xpress M2885FW, SL-C470, Xpress M2825ND, ML-3750ND, SQ-1500, ER-2710, CLP-650N, ER1810, ML-3471DK, ML-3471N, CLP-321, MJC-1030, CLP-515, SF-430, ER-2610, Xpress C1810W, SCX-4600, MJC-2500, CLX-3175K, ML-2551ND, ML-4050, ML-2525, ProXpress M4583 FX, SCX-1100, ML-3710D, ML-1630W, SCX-4701ND, MJC-930, Xpress M2625, ML-2010R, MJC-1060G, MJC-970, CLX-4195FN, ML-3051, SCX-6322DN, CLP-310NK, ML-2160, MJC-2100, Xpress M2875FD, SCX-5739FW, MJC-960, ER-200, CLP-325W, SCX-4729FW, CLP-660ND, CLP-360, Xpress C1860FW, CLX-3175, CLX-3300, CLX-3160N, SCX-5835FN, CLP-325, ML-2955ND, ML-4510ND, Xpress M2026 W, ML-1910, SCX-5639FR, SCX-3205W, MJC-1210, CR-812A, ER-100, Xpress M2835DW, ProXpress M4070FR, CLP-300, CLX-6260FD, MJC-3000, CLP-315K, SQ-3200L, ML-5510N, ML-1500, ER-290, SL-C472, Xpress C480, ML-3051ND, SmartJet, Xpress C480 W, ML-1510, CLP-650, CLP-320N, SF-4750, CLP-315W, ML-2550D, SCX-4521FG, ML-2010PR, SMP-200, SCX-3210, CLX-6240FX, MJC-1100G, Xpress M2875 DW, SRP-250, CLX-6260ND, ER-350, Xpress M2026, ProXpress M3870FW, MJC-1300G, SCX-4726FN, ProXpress C2620DW, ER-220, MJ-805G, ML-6510ND, ER-2715, Xpress M2876, Xpress C460W, SCX-3200, SCX-4500, ML-6512ND, SCX-3400, CLX-3175W, SCX-3405W, ProXpress C3060 FW, ProXpress C3010 DW, ML-2552W, CLX-6210FX, SF-560, SF-3100P, CLX-4195N, SCX-5637FR, SCX-1000, SQ-2200, SCX-4521FL, Xpress M2626, SCX-1150F, ER-2615, MJC-1600W, SP-2411, ML-4050ND, SCX-3405, SCX-4727FD, ML-2551N, SCX-1000S, Xpress M2676, ML-2850DR, ProXpress M3820DW, SCX-3217, CLP-770ND, MJC-900G, MJC-2300, SCX-4835FR, ML-1660, TW-3250, CLP-670ND, ML-1755, SQ-3020, CLP-365W, ML-5010ND, ML-1750, ML-1861, Xpress M2070W, ER-250F, CLX-3186, SCX-4521, SP-0915, SP-2421, CLX-8540ND, ML-1740, SL-C473, CLX-3175FW, CLX-3175NK, Xpress C460FW, ML-2570, SCX-3201, CLX-3185, CLX-6250FX, CLX-4195FW, Xpress M2070F, CLX-6260FR, MyJet Plus MJC-3000, SCX-3218, SCX-4828FN, ER1710A, SL-C420, Xpress M2625D, ML-2010D3, MJC-520, ML-5012ND, SCX-4500W, ML-2510, CLP-610ND, ML-1630, MJC-965C, ProXpress C3060 FR, CLP-415NW, ML-2950ND, SCX-4200, SCX-4833, ML-1915, Xpress C410W, SCX-4826FN, SQ-1020, CLP-550N, CLP-775ND, CLP-365, CLX-3180, SCX-3400FW, CLP-600, ML-2855ND, ML-1860, ML-4512ND, CLP-680ND, SQ-1250, CLP-300N, SP-0930N, ML-4551NR, ML-5017ND, Xpress M2675F, CLX-3185FN, MyJet Plus MJC-1030i, CLX-3175FNK, ML-1665, ML-2851NDR, ML-2851NDL, CLP-510, CLP-620ND, ML-2165W, ML-3753, Xpress M2070FW, SPP-2020, ML-5510ND, SCX-4521F, Xpress C430, ML-1451N, CLP-415N, ER-700, SCX-4725ELS, MJC-3100, ProXpress C3010 ND, CLX-6220FX, ML-1675, ER-4715, SL-C422, ER-655, ProXpress M4530 ND, CLX-3305FN, CLP-660N, CLX-6200ND, ML-2520, CLP-500N, ML-1864, CLX-2160N, ML-3712DW, SQ-3550, SF-4700, ER-210, MyJet Plus MJC-1130i, ML-3471ND, ML-2571N, ML-1655, ML-3712ND, ML-2540, SCX-4824FN, ProXpress C2670FW, SCX-1150, SCX-4725F, SQ-1200, TW-2250, CLX-6200FX, MJC-860X, ML-2580N, ML-4550R, SCX-4833FD, CLX-3170FNK, MSYS 4700, ML-2850, ML-3470ND, CLX-3305W, ML-6060, SF-650P, CLX-3175FN, ER-3740, ML-1666, ML-1410, ML-3051N, CLP-500, ML-2010, SQ-W1000, SRP-275, Xpress M2020W, CLP-680DW, SQ-1550, TW-1250, ProXpress C3060 ND, ML-2950NDR, SRP-275 II, ML-1865, ML-2450, ML-1520, Xpress M2825DW, ML-1661, SQ-3500, ML-6060N, SCX-4300, CLP-320, ML-5512ND, ERP-200, Xpress M2675FN, MJC-980, CLP-326, Xpress C410FW, SCX-5737FW, Xpress M2675, Xpress M2826, MJ-805S, SF-4500C, MyJet Plus MJC-2300C, MJC-520CL, ML-4050N, SCX-4825FN, SRP-200, ML-2951D, Xpress M2022W, ML-1670, SCX-4833FR, ML-2850D, SCX-4016, ML-2015, SCX-4726FD, SF-4750C, ML-4551N, SCX-6320F, ML-1440, ML-4551, ML-2545, ML-2851, CLP-550, ML-3310D, ML-2955DW, MyJet Plus MJC-2500C, MyJet Plus MJC-3300, ER-150, MSYS 4800, MyJet Plus MJC-2700, ML-2164, SCX-5530, ML-3310, ML-3710DW, SCX-4600L, SL-M3820ND, SF-565P, CLP-510N, ML-4550, MJ-4500C, SCX-3400F, ProXpress M3370FD, SQ-1000, Xpress M2875FW, ProXpress M4020ND, SQ-3200, Xpress C480 FW, MJC-1500W, ProXpress M4530 NX, SF-560R, SF-560P, CLX-2160, CLX-6260FW, SCX-3405F, CLP-610, ER-5115 II, MJC-1000G, ML-2165, ER-3715, ML-1865W, SP-0912, SCX-6520FN, ER-4100, SCX-5635FN, SCX-4521FR, Xpress M2875, CLP-310N, CLX-3175F, CLX-3175N, ML-6040, SCX-4623FW, CLX-3305FW, ML-2525W, SL-M3870FD, CLP-310, ML-3710, ER-550, SRP-100, ML-3470D, CLX-3170, Xpress M2070, SCX-4725FN, SCX-3205, MJC-1310, ML-5015ND, ML-3310ND, ML-2550, SF-4000, CLX-6260, CLX-3170FN, SCX-4705ND, SF-760P, SCX-5637, SF-650, SCX-3206, SF-565PR, SCX-4623FN, ML-3471, SF-3150, ML-6060S, MJC-1010, CLX-3185N, ML-4551NDR, ML-1710, Xpress C430 W, and ML-1610.


1AYOP, KX-FL403, KX-F1820, JS-6511, KX-P3696, KX-EP35, KX-FM330, JS-6520, KX-R430, UF-300, KX-FHD331, KX-E4500, UF-7000 S/N through CF, UF-890, KX-FPG379, KX-FLM755, KX-FPG175, KX-FP156, KX-FPC135, KX-P1121, KX-FPG378, UF-321, KX-E4020i, McDonald POS System, KX-P1654, KX-E4000, KX-E3008, JS-6530, UF-8000 S/N DF & beyond, KX-FB421, KX-FL501, KX-MB1520, Jetwriter 500-B, KX-FPG176, KX-R194, UF-305, KX-P180, WORKiO DP-C323, KX-W1505, KX-W1510, KX-FP195, UF-8000 S/N DF and beyond, KX-MB772, WORKiO DP-150, KX-E508E, KX-MB783RU, JE-1810P, JS-7000 Main, KX-FLB751, KX-1180, KX-FP270, UF-990, UF-588, KX-FP215E, KX-R520, UF-560, UF-311, KX-FLB753, KX-W1555, KX-FL412, KX-FLM651, W900, UF-5500, KX-MB283RU, KX-FL423, KX-FLM650, KX-E828, JS-7000, KX-R190, KX-P165, KX-R196, KX-P2124, KX-FL413, WORKiO DP-C263, WORKiO DP-8032, KX-R535, UF-889, KX-FLB755, JE-653P, Jetwriter II, WORKiO DP-150A, KX-E701, UF-4500, KX-R540, KX-FM255, KX-W900, KX-W955, KX-E3000, W1550, KX-R435, UF-9000, UF-7000, JS-8000 Main, KX-E7500S, KX-R191, KX-MB778, KX-P1180i, KX-FPG372, KX-FG6550, JS-7500 Slip, KX-MC6260, Fast Food PO System, UF-8000, KX-P1123, UF-780, KX-F929, KX-WL45, KX-FM215, KX-MB788, JE-1801P, DX-2000, KX-FL411, KX-R375, KX-FMC230, UF-315, JE-656P, JS-9000 Remote, KX-1191, KX-FLB813, KX-FM205, KX-FG5643, KX-MB783BR, WS-800RM, KX-FM280, KX-FPC151, KX-E400, KX-FP145, KX-P2120, KX-F1600, KX-MB228, KX-FL421, WORKiO DP-2330, KX-MB772CX, KX-E601, KX-E700MF, KX-FL502, KX-FL503CN, KX-E7000i, KX-FG2858, KX-P3624, KX-FT215, 5000, JE-775, UF-332, UF-770, KX-P1121E, KX-W Series, UF-344, KX-P1624, KX-FLB800, KX-E7500, KX-E7000, WORKiO DP-150FP, KX-F1015, KX-MB773RU, KX-FPG376, KX-FT206, KX-FP150, KX-FLM551, JS-500 WS, KX-F1020, P100WP, W1510, KX-MB773, KX-W1025, WORKiO DP-2010E, JE-652P, KX-F1100, Panaprinter 192, JE-614P, KX-FL521, KX-FM220, KX-FP151, JS-4500, KX-E708, KX-P155, DF-1100, KX-FP86, KX-FHD332, PX-360, KX-P1524, KX-FP205, KX-P1131E, KX-E2000, KX-P1140, KX-MB238, KX-P2624, KX-P115, KX-R315, WORKiO DP-C354, JE-661P, KX-FPC, KX-FP155, KX-FL611, KX-MB771, KX-MC6040, JS-6500, PD-4200, KX-FP81, JE-760, KX-F1150, UF-9000 S/N through CF, KX-W1550, KX-F1830, JE-1820P, KX-P1190, KX-P1170, JE-654NP, KX-R560, JS-660, KX-FG2451, KX-MB283BR, KX-FT208, KX-FLB803, WORKiO DP-3010, KX-E7000-CB1, UF-310, JS-7000 Slip, UF-7000 S/N DF & beyond, KX-FP300, KX-E2500, KX-E7000-CB3, KX-MB1500, KX-FPC141, KX-P1131, Jetwriter IE, KX-FLM600, KX-R800, KX-MB263RU, JE-2821P, JE-820P, KX-FPC161, KX-W1000, KX-E4020, KX-MB263, WORKiO DP-8025, KX-E508, KX-FP96, KX-FC253, 7000 – P100 WP, KX-FPC96, Jetwriter IIE, KX-FD335, KX-W1030, UF-895, JE-1805P, KX-W1525, Jetwriter IV, KX-P170, KX-FM106, KX-P145, JE-651P, Jetwriter 500-BD, KX-P1150, KX-FPC166, UF-7000 S/N DF and beyond, KX-FLM671, KX-E500E, UF-9000 S/N DF and beyond, KX-F1006, KX-FM210, KX-R Series, Jetwriter I, RM-800, KX-P2123, KX-FP95, KX-FLM661, KX-FLB851, JE-765P, PM-300, WORKiO DP-150FX, KX-P1191, KX-F1650, KX-WL55, KX-MB781C, KX-FPC95, KX-FG5658, KX-E3100, KX-FC228, KX-P2150, KX-MB781, KX-E500, UF-580, KX-FL511, KX-F1810, UF-585, KX-FC226, KX-P1540, KX-FL401, KX-FPG550, JE-660NP, KX-FLB750, KX-FP101, KX-FM260, KX-MB262CX, UF-5300, KX-E7000-CB6, KX-FPG377, JE-659P, W1500, KX-FLB881, KX-FP215, KX-MB1530, JE-658NP, KX-MB783FX, KX-FP250, KX-R340, WORKiO DP-C264, UF-5100, JS-800, JE-720P, KX-FLB758, KX-FLM753, KX-FP85, JT-PR70, KX-FPG381, KX-E7000-CB4, JS-9000 Slip, JE-630P, KX-FL541, KX-E603, KX-FLB853, KX-P3124, KX-MB262, KX-MB258, KX-R250, KX-FLB756, KX-FP245, KX-R300, KX-WD55, KX-MB783, Jetwriter III, KX-R330, KX-P2135, KX-R350, WORKiO DP-2310, KX-E2020, KX-FPM106, UF-8000 S/N through CF, UF-342, KX-FPC165, KX-FPG391, WORKiO DP-150PA, KX-FG2425, KX-FT218, KX-R550, JS-130, WORKiO DP-150P, JE-1804P, KX-FL402, KX-MB1507, UF-790, JE-615P, WORKiO DP-3030, JS-8000 Slip, JS-650, KX-R445, JS-4610, KX-MB261, KX-P2023, KX-MB763, KX-E7000-CB2, UF-322, FX-1800 TS, KX-FLB801, KX-FP121, KX-R195, KX-MC6020, KX-MB771JT, KX-FP320, KX-R310, KX-R320, KX-P1180, KX-FP105, KX-R355, KX-FHD351, DX-800, KX-E700M, KX-P150, KX-FLM751, KX-W905, KX-FPG371, KX-P1124i, KX-FP265, W1000, KX-P3200, KX-E8000, UF-6300, KX-P3626, KX-P1695, KX-FP80, JE-2830P, KX-E4000i, KX-FC225E, KX-R193, UF-885, KX-WL50, KX-MB263HX, UF-590, KX-P160, WORKiO DP-1810P, KX-FG5641, KX-F1000, KX-P3123, KX-FM230, UF-6000, KX-R200, KX-FP200, UF-7950, UF-312, KX-FHD301, KX-P140, JS-510, KX-FP152, JS-7500 Remote, KX-MB763RU, JE-2820P, JS-4600, KX-FPC91, KX-R335, JE-680P, KX-R530, UF-333, JS-460, KX-FP161, DX-1000, KX-MB773EX, UF-770i, KX-P2180, PX-350, KX-FP165, KX-FLB811, KX-R210, KX-F1050, W1025, UF-595, UF-6100, KX-MB783EX, KX-FT205, KX-FPG6550, KX-FPW111, KX-P181, KX-F1070, KX-MB271, UF-9000 S/N DF & beyond, KX-F1200, JS-5000, KX-W1500, KX-E408, JS-8000 Remote, KX-P1124, KX-FP94, KX-FT207, PM-308, KX-P2130, UF-6950, UF-880, KX-R440, and UF-550.

Other Printer Brands

Rusco Elec., Dex Business Systems, Syntrex, Univac, Hugin, Selecterm, JCM, Harris, Wincor Nixdorf, Datacap, ADC, Corrector, Neopost, Keystone, Fuji Systems/Kanematsu, Teleprinter, Citizen, Ativa, Logabax, Rototype, Privileg, Kalle, Wordtronix, Apollo by Hewlett-Packard, Staples, Teletype, Modular Computer, Huntress Corp., Compaq, Teal, Ardent, BTI/Basic Time Sharing, Access Matrix Corp., Southwest Data Systems, DED, Sanyo, Topix, Colex, ERC Systems, Daisylinks, Uta-Richo, Data Royal, Hedman, Satas, Trend, Azurdata, Opentip, Busicom, ITT Courier, General Automation, Memorex, Digital Check, Microboards, Kohmitech, Victor, Singer, ScanSet, Remstar, AM Documentor, Ruben Corp., Transact, Anzac Computer Equipment, Nasco, Sagem, Shipman Ward, Bell & Howell, Quill, Billings, BSI, Hansen, ABS, Altos, Cardentry, Wang, Four Phase, Plessey, Widmer, NCR, R & B, MPI, Systex, Royal, Ericsson, Canon, California Computer Systems, TallyGenicom, North Atlantic, Montgomery Ward, Addressease, IDA, Datatech, Nokia, Accrodyne, Daro, ATV Systems, Remington, Business Resource Services, Esper, Detewe, Syscom, Carterfone, Datasec Corp., Panasonic, Sord, Teletex, Cascade Data, Nabanco, Hitachi, Lowry, Addmaster, Data Card, Casca, HP, Sony, Meonic, Derex Inc., Daisywriter, Aptec, Imperial, Konica Minolta, National, Printek, Weltron, Local Data, Towa, Omniprint, Packintell, Printerm, Bren, American Mopas, Comterm, Digital Equipment, Kingtron, Daewoo Teletech, Amerex International, Yrel Data, HI-G, Hobart, Business Systems International, Kienzle, Adler, Concord, Texet, Centurion, International, BMC International, Kyocera Mita, RUF, Emerson, IME, Telxon Corp., Omron, Evolution Corp., Tandberg, RES Cashentry, Ricoh, Swintec, Copal, Standard Register, Telefile Computer Products, Serd, World Electronic, Itel, Samsung, Uniwell, CTM, Pacesetter, Founder, Howard Industries, Kardex, DBTEL, Western Digital, Dataspeed, Hermes, McDonnell Douglas, Dictaphone, Protype, Pitney Bowes, TEI, Computer Usage, Digital Matrix, GBT, Printer Systems, Incoterm, Northern Telecom, Vision, Silver Reed, Star Micronics, Decimo, Access Microcomputer, MBQ, MKD, Scribona, Capitol Circuits, GDS, Matthews, Dassault, ADP, Prima, Cal Abco, MakerBot, TCI, Berthold, Numonics, Maverick, Antex Data Systems, Hasi, Cope, Grundig, IBM, Axiohm, Ithaca Per., Anker Data Systems, Costar, Lexi, Magnetec Corp., Computer Machinery Corp., Glory, BASF, Digitronics, Tempest Tech, Packard Bell, Rexon, R &B, Bell &Howell, Primera Technology, Synergy, PMC, SCI Systems, Unidata, Texas Instruments, Anacom General, Diconix/Kodak, Eurostar, Bryce Office Systems, NSC, Addo-X, Adler Royal, Data Terminal Systems, Techtran, Fuji-Xerox, Axiom, AM Jacquard, Sanko, Weber, Interface Corp., Miltope Corp., TCA, ECI, Seikosha, Monolithic Systems, Centronics, Seiko, Check A Tron, AlphaCom, Datamod, Esselte, KMW, Datasym, UEL, Tosho, General, Arrow, MIZ Corp., Mutoh, CPT, AT&T, CardCo, Summagraphics, Comrex, Optima, Olivetti, Micros, TransAmerica, Data Switch, Nurit, Televideo, Noblet, Francotyp-Postalia, Microdata, Encad Computer, Savin, Epson, Agfa, Hanimex, Wallace Computer Services, Welco, Walther, Casio, Kode, Rapidprint, Heathkit, Pragmatic Systems, Adcomp, Taneum Computer Products, Delta Data Systems, Muratec, Leading Edge, Printec, Asker International, Tritel, Arba, Pertech Resources Inc., TEC, Anderson Jacobsen, Bohsei, Ideal Technology, GD/G&D, Decision 1Data, Novel Data Systems, Verifone, BSE, Ibico, Inikoshi, BDS Computer Corp., Telecheck, Beehive International, Panini, Acom Computer, Rena, Certex, Wilson-Jones, Xante Corp., Comtech, Gier, Tidel, Data Dynamics, Atari, Trilog, Metronix, Teknika, CAP, Copystar, Par Microsystems, Aster, MCSI, Olympia, Apricot, Commodore, Nippon Primex, Rex Rotary, Xymec, Bestar, Radio Shack, Alcatel, Actrix Computer Corp., ICL, Euroka, AMT, Mita, American Datacom, Clover/Dataproducts, GSD Systems, Triad, Murata, B&E, Computer Identics, Micon/X, Lear Siegler, C. Itoh, Honeywell/Bull, Versa Print, Tredia, Autograph, Antares, Intergraph Corp., ATI, NSA, Compuadd, Mitsuba, Computers International, Typetronic, DYMO, Posiflex, Signal Corp., Cado Systems, GCC, Oak Grove, Printronix, Lundy, Datapoint, Bixolon, Chinon, Everex, Godrej, Lexmark, Aires, Alanthus Datacom, Fas Fax System, Hetra, Mellordata, Pragma, Advanced Hi-Tech, Axonix, American Computer Hardware, Lanier, Pacemaker, Sharp, Source Technologies, Rockwell, Data Checker, Leasco Data, Randal Data System, Gestetner, Tech Info, Xerox, Europrint, BDT, Data General, Hasler, Konic Electric System, Cardinal Scale, Admate, Tricom, Easiprint, Niko, Sears, Tik-Tron, Simplex, Mohawk, Inforex, IPC, Datatrol, Data Access, Sigma, Hypercom, Omni Logics, Control Data, Braegen, Marchant, Columbia Data Products, Lathem, OKI, Santron, Qantex, Ontel, British Telecom/BT, Remanco, Underwood, Wilcox, Aurora, Micos Business Computer, Tandem, Telex, Famox, Nikko, Excelan, City, Comet, Ricomac, IJ Technologies, Transtar, Digital Associates, Burroughs/Unisys, Office Info, Torpedo, Innovative Electronics, Siemens, World Computer Corp., MAX, Moore Business Forms, National Semiconductor, Coscom, Fortis, Computerm, GD/G&D, Gilbarco, Mini Computer Systems, Smith Corona, Tab, Lampar, Diebold, Fortronics, Morrow, Vivitar, North Star, Lowell Systems, Nikkam, Unisonic, Shinwa, Impression Technology, Norand, Juki, SNBC, Dell, R2E of America, Prime, Quantec, Utax, Amstrad, Banctec, MBO, Toshiba, Kodak, Commercial Computer, Syntest, Triumph Adler, PC’s Ltd., Mirwald Electronic, Compusource, Datasouth, Data Media, Datatext, Redactron, Fargo Electronics, Roland, Apple, Facit, Miida, Quantum, Dataprocess, Mesa, Shasta, Pencept, Diehl, Unicom, International Business Computers, Summa, Norsk Data, Computer Talk, Pertec, AT&T, Gold, Logica, Selex, DI/AN, Extel, Motorola Computer Systems, Oce Imagistics, Qantel, Brother, Continental Peripherals, Global Equipment, EMI, Almatronic, Candela Electronics, Hengstler, BDP Ltd., Noris, Paradyne, Exidy Systems, Philips, Elite Business Machines, Unitrex, Laser, Lee Data, Anadex, Kroy, Valhalla Inc., Vutype, Entrex, Western Union, Blue Chip, Goldstar, Tymshare, Develop, Analog Tech Corp., Litton, Hennes Ltd., Anchor, Assmann, Triton, Sasi, Datamega, Contitronix, Computer Lab, CRS, Digi Data Corp., T/R Systems, Binder, 3M/Imation, DH Technology, Comdata, Kleindienst, Telekom, Arts Comp. Prod., ENC Electronics, Microplex, Pixel, Demo Corp., Tidemark Corp., Butec, Calcomp, Stromberg, Perifec, Timm, B&E, Woojin, Businessland, Exxon, Nashuatec, Quen Data, Printstar, Lasermaster, Ultimate Corp., Access Communications, ISC/Olivetti, Personal Micro, Racal Milgo, Trintech, Melcom, Digitex, Com-Star, POS-X, GE, Mimaki, Monroe, Hyundai, Newgen Systems, Brinlock, Micro Five Corp., Systems Ind. Inc., Data Techno, Allen R.C., Advanced Info, Craden, Sweda, HOH, Acroprint, Accumatic, ABM, Brandt, Colossal Graphics, Tealtronic, Logicon, EMC Corp., Ideal Computer Services, Schneider, Interbold, Axis Communications, IPS, Compuprint, EGT Agoris, Fujitsu, Convergent, Osborne, Xpoint Corp., Cusi Norcross, Data Printer, Data Terminals Comm., Genicom, Xylostome, Point Four Data Corp., Telenorma, Applied Micro Computer Systems, MQI, Geveke, Unisys, Unitraw, Moneyman, Zenith, Precisa, Acoma, Raytheon, Infoscribe, Macpac, APF, Advisor, Sumitronic, Tripod, Jacquard, Stielow, Jay, Scan-Code, EBM, Westrex International, Nakajima, Krone, Alps Electric, Omnifax, MGI, Cycomm, Troy, Alphatext, Bosch, Astrocomp, Lenovo, NEC, Interface Systems, Aitell, Basic Four/MAI, Dietz, Visara, and Infotec.

Replacement ink cartrdige can save the cost of daily printing. But it would be better to use the manufacturer’s recommended ink printer if you have more budget to remain durable printing device.