Choosing Best London Laundry Services for Clean and Fragrant Clothes Results

Laundry service is one of the most needed services for people washing and tidying clothes. Often because of our busy lives, we don’t have time to wash and tidy up clothes. Therefore, with the laundry business, it helps us. But now because laundry services are easier to find, we also have to be careful in choosing which laundry that have high-quality services.

The reason is, choosing a laundry service is not allowed to be arbitrary because we leave our clothes with them. Surely you hope to get a trusted laundry service that can clean your clothes, tidy them up at an affordable price. If your laundry service criteria have to be like that, then you must be able to choose the right laundry service.

Just like other services, laundry services are also usually different from the quality offered. From there you can try and judge it. Don’t take it lightly, many people experience choosing the wrong laundry clothes to end up losing money, from unclean laundry to missing clothes.

london laundry services 1024x1024 Choosing Best London Laundry Services for Clean and Fragrant Clothes Results

For those of you who are confused about how to choose the right laundry service, you can see the indicators in the following review. We will share information on tips for choosing laundry services for clean and fragrant clothes. Check out the full review below.

Understand the Services Provided

First, tips on choosing a laundry service are to understand the services that the place provides. This is important so that you know what services you can use to clean clothes. There is a laundry area that only serves laundry. However, there are also laundry places that serve dry-cleaning laundry. If you know the difference between these services, you can choose which one is the right service you want to use.

Also note the difference between the two, between laundry and dry cleaning. Laundry is the process of washing ordinary clothes with enough detergent water. While dry-cleaning, as the name implies, refers to the washing technique without water, aka dry. Clothes are cleaned with certain chemicals. Dry-cleaning is usually reserved for clothes with luxurious and fragile materials, such as silk and wool.

Selection of Soap or Detergent to Use

Next, tips for choosing a second laundry service are on the detergent choices they use to wash and clean your clothes. Remember, this is very important because it will affect the quality of washing the clothes you leave. Surely you want the clothes that you left behind to come back clean and the stains are also removed.

The most dangerous thing is when there is a bad laundry service, they use bulk detergents which are not in good quality. Your clothes can be uncomfortable to wear, the stain will not lift, and can damage the fabric fibers from the clothes themselves. There is nothing wrong with asking a laundry service that you trust about the detergent products they use to wash your clothes.

Fragrance Used

Third, how to choose the London laundry service then can be seen from the fragrances used. Some laundry services will usually let customers choose their fragrances and aromas that will be used to iron clothes.

You should choose a scent that is not too strong because usually, they will use a large amount of this fragrance. No wonder the existence of perfume itself is rarely needed when your clothes are washed in the laundry because of the strong fragrance so you don’t need an additional perfume anymore.

Tidiness of clothes

In addition to the detergents and fragrances used, you also need to pay attention to the ironing ability of the laundry service because this will determine the final result of your clothes, neat or not. Of course, you want your clothes to be clean and tidy so that you can practically just wear them without re-ironing at home.

To see whether the laundry service you choose can tidy up your clothes or not, you can see it from the iron. People who are good at ironing will know which part of the clothes folds so as not to damage the structure of the clothes when used. Also, pay attention to the state of the fabric fibers, usually ironing at high temperatures will make the fabric thin and easily torn.

Price Offered

Finally, tips on choosing a laundry service also need to consider the price list of the services they offer. Indeed there is a price, so there is quality, but it is also possible that you can find quality laundry services at affordable prices. Considering the price of this service is important for those of you who will routinely use laundry services as a daily necessity service.

Of course, if you can get a laundry service at an affordable price and acceptable quality, that will be even better. For the use of daily services, it is not burdensome in matters of payment and certainly doesn’t make empty bags just for paying for laundry services.

Here is a list of the best laundry in London


Weir Rd LaundryRepublic

12 Whites Row Spitalfields Dry Cleaners

90 Mackenzie Road Eskimo Laundry

206-208 City Rd City Style Dry Cleaners & Launderers

259 Lavender Hill Image Dry Cleaners

Barons Court
5 Greyhound Road Greyhound Dry Cleaners

2 Belgrave Mews 1st Class Laundry Services

28 Craven Terrace Lancaster Laundrettes
32 Chilworth Street Chilworths Launders & Dry Cleaners
67 Moscow Road The Galaxy Launderette
184 Queensway Central Wash

131 Fleet Street Jeeves Of Belgravia

Bethnal Green
335 Bethnal Green Road Solis Launderette

156 Long Lane Long Lane Launderette

78 Marchmount St Red and White Laundries
289 Gray’s Inn Road Alex’s 2 Hour Dry Cleaners
114 Cromer street The Kings Launderette
63 Marchmont Street Bloomsbury Cleaners
34 Store Street Swans Dry Cleaners

Chalk Farm
47 Englands Lane England’s Lane Launderette

Camden Town
58 Parkway Paradise Dry Cleaners

Clapham Junction
12 Northcote Road Bellevue Cleaners

85 Walton Street Elias Cleaners

264 St John Street Launderette & Dry Cleaning
Rosebery Avenue Royal Dry Cleaners

Clapham Park
61 Abbeville Road Shimmers

462 Kingsland Road Polly’s Corner

Covent Garden
62-70 Shorts Gardens Laundrapp
11-13 Shelton St Seven Dials Dry Cleaners
3 Betterton Street City Centre Dry Cleaners

Earls Court
129 Earls Court Road Reeves of Kensington Dry Cleaners

305 Evelyn Street Evelyn Street Laundrette

26 Tottenham Street The Complete Cobbler
88 Cleveland Street Red & White Laundries
120 Oxford Street Classic Cleaning
5 Warren Street Fresh Collection
50 Great Portland Street Mr Craftsmans Workshop
108 New Cavendish St City Centre Dry Cleaners
35 Berners Street Solitaire Dry Cleaner

118 Eversholt Street City Centre Dry Cleaners
138 Drummond Street Crescent Dry Cleaners
27 Camden High Street Camden Drycleaners

Green Park
Green Park Station Fresh Collection

Forest Gate
141-143 Cann Hall Road Wash & Dry Launderette

Hampstead Village
6 Holly Bush Vale Perkins Dyers & Cleaners

Hackney Central
169 Mare Street Hackney Launderette

202 Well Street Blue Bubbles Launderette & DryCleaners

11 Brecknock Road Universal

9 Gloucester Road Launderette Centre

57 Chapel Market Whistle Dry Cleaners

Lisson Grove
4 Lodge Road Lords Dry Cleaners
61 Park Road Park Lane Of Dry Cleaning & Laundries

King’s Cross
100 Caledonian Road 1 Stop Wash
275 Caledonian Road Quick Clean

Maida Hill
530 Harrow Road Atlantis Dry Cleaners

Little Venice
9 Clifton Road Launderette Centre

92 Crawford Street Central Wash
9 Dorset Street Welbeck Cleaners
45 Welbeck Street Total Clean Services
16 Hinde Street Danish Express Laundry and White Rose Laundries
79 George Street Blanc
48 Chiltern Street White Rose Laundries
8 New Quebec Street Aristocrat Dry Cleaners
256 Edgware Road Edgware Road Dry Cleaners & Laundry
22 Crawford Street Masterclean Dry Cleaners

Maida Vale
16 Formosa Street Dasini

Mile End / Globe Town
142 Roman road Super Wash

18 Half Moon Street Mayfair Dry Cleaning
5 Air Street Seebright Cleaners
83 Duke Street Buckingham Dry Cleaners
53-54 South Audley Street Jeeves Of Belgravia

17 Star Street Central Wash
30 Spring Street Spring Dry Cleaners
33 Norfolk Place Supreme Dry Cleaners

Notting Hill
91 Moscow Road Central Wash Dry Cleaners
24 Chepstow Corner Sparkle Launderette & Dry Cleaner

Shad Thames
1 Shad Thames Laundry Box

57 Warwick Way Roger’s Of Pimlico
3 Westmoreland Terrace Pimlico Launderette
57 Warwick Way Roger’s Of Pimlico

28 Calvert Avenue Boundary Community Launderette
222 Bethnal Green Road Smartypants Launderette & Dry Cleaners

Shepherd’s Bush
2 Swanscombe Road The Launderette

South Kensington
154 Cromwell Road Bobo’s Bubbles
111 Earls Court Road Bobo’s Bubbles
12-14 Glendower Place Renzaki

10 Marshall Street Marshall Laundry
22 D’Arblay Street Twins Dry Cleaners
1 Wardour Street Persil Services
15 Berwick Street Soho Dry Cleaners
30 Brewer Street Celebrity Cleaners

St John’s Wood
8 Nugent Terrace My Fair Laundry Services
55 Abbey Road Perfect Dry Cleaners

South Lambeth
255 Wandsworth Road Dirty Laundry

Upper Holloway
686 Holloway Road Laundry Matic

23 John Adam St Tuxedo Express

62 Wapping Ln Laundromat 62

141 Lambeth Walk

West Brompton
8 The Chambers Macgill Of Kensington

21 York Road Elifs Dry Cleaners

13 Regency Place launderette
43 Horseferry Road Belgrave Premium Dry Cleaning
32 Strutton Ground Star Dry Cleaners
16 White Church Lane Quality Dry Cleaners

West Kensington
22 Shepherds Bush Rd Royal Laundrette & Dry Cleaning

Other Laundry Services
City Laundry Club
Clean and Care
The Tailors Shop
Exclusive Dry Cleaning & Tailoring